Meaning of sort-out in English:


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  • An act of tidying or organizing things by separating them into categories.

    ‘start your kitchen reorganization with a sort-out’
    • ‘Soon there's going to have to be a total sort-out to make more space, but I can probably shove volumes in a few more corners before I have to take that drastic step.’
    • ‘I have recently got around to having a grand sort-out with the result that I have quite a collection of unwanted jewellery and watches, some of which need a little repair.’
    • ‘The recycling centres are also useful for the spring sort-out, taking everything from furniture and clothes to car batteries, oil, garden waste and timber.’
    • ‘We had a good sort-out and some things had to change.’
    • ‘As the sidebar is mainly there for my convenience, I need to have a serious sort-out of my permanent links.’
    • ‘I then had a big sort-out of my finances before setting off.’
    • ‘Such an appraisal is necessary because the library is only so big, and ‘if you never have a sort-out,’ Professor Clegg confides in his thick northern English accent, ‘eventually the walls burst.’’
    • ‘Dad has photocopied the last few weeks of this column for sending to friends and family so I will have a sort-out and get them all ready to post.’