Meaning of soubise in English:


Pronunciation /suːˈbiːz/


mass noun
  • A thick white sauce made with onion puree and often served with fish or eggs.

    ‘Pig's trotters stuffed with morels and a veal jus with sauce soubise, a baron of rabbit, crab ravioli: these are adventurous, dangerous dishes for a place this size.’
    • ‘And it is fairly safe to assume that à la provençale portends the presence of tomato and garlic, soubise the use of onion, and so on.’
    • ‘There was a difference of opinion over the roast skewered noisettes of lamb, served with rosemary and mustard soubise.’
    • ‘Arrange the cutlets on top of the soubise and serve immediately.’
    • ‘Bisques, stir-fries, sauces, soufflès, soubises, puré es, duxelles, stuffings, pickles, raw salads - infinity must be the final number for mushroom dishes.’
    • ‘The recipes inside are a grim compendium of lumberingly heavy dinosaur classics - flour-thickened cream sauces, heart - clogging glacages and soubises, the obligatory triumvirate of ‘protein, starch, vegetable’ on nearly every plate.’


Named after Charles de Rohan Soubise (1715–87), French general and courtier.