Meaning of soundness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The state of being in good condition; robustness.

    ‘mental and physical soundness’
    ‘concern over the soundness of local financial institutions’
    • ‘There are tens of thousands of mortgage brokers extending credit with little concern for the long-term soundness of the mortgage.’
    • ‘The research, which documents no consequent madness in cases of restored vision, also suggests the patient's essential soundness of mind.’
    • ‘Such failures, by calling into question the soundness of the asset structure of all units, tend to modify all desired portfolios.’
    • ‘Maintaining structural soundness in mature boars is critical, particularly in pen mating conditions.’
    • ‘Today, the key issue becomes the soundness of these funds.’
  • 2The quality of being based on valid reason or good judgement.

    ‘we will win because of the soundness of our arguments’
    ‘you really have to question the soundness of these measures’
    • ‘They could not rationally demonstrate the soundness of their own ideas or the unsoundness of their adversaries' ideas.’
    • ‘With great maturity and soundness of judgement, you quietly jump up and down screaming, "Nobody's out there!"’
    • ‘The basic soundness of Wagner's thinking on music's relationship to text is revealed in this opera.’
    • ‘The policymakers cannot stick to their preferred habitat despite the soundness of their arguments.’
    • ‘The bulk of his book relates historical events meant to demonstrate the soundness and explanatory scope of his claim.’
    1. 2.1The quality of being competent or reliable.
      ‘business leaders remain to be convinced of his soundness on economic issues’
      • ‘He was a negative critic of the economist's theoretical soundness.’
      • ‘Personal soundness is a key area of counsellor competence.’
      • ‘Soundness of experts includes a recognized standing in their discipline.’
      • ‘A standard lesson is selected by an experienced methods instructor to demonstrate soundness in techniques and procedures.’
      • ‘The identification instruments did not possess enough psychometric soundness to overcome the hazards that may have flowed from their use.’