Meaning of soundproof in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsaʊn(d)pruːf/

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  • Preventing, or constructed of material that prevents, the passage of sound.

    ‘a sheet of soundproof glass’
    • ‘a soundproof, windowless room’
    • ‘By installing soundproof glass on the upper floor, we have succeeded in creating different sound zones with distinct moods.’
    • ‘The glass was soundproof, but Zac read lips very well.’
    • ‘Forget soundproof windows; how about just designing room doors so they don't slam shut so loudly as to wake guests in the next room?’
    • ‘I think Jason said that the window was soundproof.’
    • ‘The toilet and basin are hidden behind an embroidered curtain: not the most soundproof arrangement, but for those who are shy there is always the other bathroom located off the vault.’
    • ‘Two juries were discharged; the first because a juror had to withdraw for personal reasons and the second because the jury room was found not to be soundproof.’
    • ‘It's soundproof and completely dark, and I go in there for a couple of hours at a time, You don't realize how much stress you carry around in your muscles and tissue until you lie in this completely buoyant environment.’
    • ‘When we first arrived in Los Angeles, he missed his soundproof London studio, and it was three years before we were able to build a similar workplace for him among the trees on our land, a short walk from the house.’
    • ‘Ideally, you should move to a place with more privacy and soundproof walls - it'll be well worth the money and trouble for the peace.’
    • ‘Make sure your bedroom door is soundproof, and teach your kids about privacy and knocking before opening a closed door.’
    • ‘This room can be subdivided into three individual sections within 30 minutes using soundproof partitions.’
    • ‘He'd had ample opportunity to bless the very thick and very soundproof walls over the last year or so he and Perry had lived alone.’
    • ‘The walls were soundproof, and she must have known, but she was nervous.’
    • ‘Manda knew he couldn't have heard the conversation because her uncle once told her the study was soundproof.’
    • ‘The doors, they presumed, were completely soundproof and indestructible as well.’
    • ‘He heard nothing, but he knew from experience that these doors were practically soundproof.’
    • ‘The soundproof doors concealed the loud music, but as soon as they opened the door it all came bursting out.’
    • ‘The musician works alone behind the closed door and within formidable soundproof walls.’
    • ‘His voice was low, despite the soundproof barrier between them and the driver.’
    • ‘The rooms are reasonably soundproof, with thick walls and double glass, and are located in the heart of a pavilion-style hospital campus where few cars are admitted.’
    resistant, impenetrable, impervious, repellent


[with object]
  • Make (a room or building) resistant to the passage of sound.

    ‘the rehearsal room's well soundproofed’
    • ‘Of the practice rooms, 70 had to be soundproofed so that noise from one did not leak to its neighbours.’
    • ‘Apart from ensuring the entire premises is air conditioned both men also highlighted that parts of the premises will also be soundproofed to ensure one activity will not interfere with others.’
    • ‘A few more steps takes you through to the 400 seat auditorium that has been soundproofed with wooden panelled walls and tiers down to overlook a lovely proscenium.’
    • ‘In addition the hall has been soundproofed and reinforced and new comfortable seating replaces the old-style red velvet covered models of yesteryear.’
    • ‘All will be soundproofed and air-conditioned.’
    • ‘Now, recycling bins in parts of the capital are to be soundproofed to ensure the eardrums of the great and the good are not assaulted by the tinkle of breaking glass.’
    • ‘I think it impractical that every public toilet be soundproofed, nice though that would be.’
    • ‘‘We just wanted a huge space to record so we soundproofed a 220 square metre big room so it was fit for recording,’ he tells me.’
    • ‘The windows facing the main road have been soundproofed.’
    • ‘Since then it had upgraded the sound system, built porches around fire exits and would soundproof the building by next Easter, whatever the cost.’
    • ‘Oh, and currently I'm soundproofing a room I'm going to use for a studio.’
    • ‘Two minutes later, Josh barely heard any playing, and he guessed that the garage had been soundproofed.’
    • ‘And if you are worried about the noise, then soundproof the houses in the flight-path.’
    • ‘But not everyone can afford to soundproof their apartments.’
    • ‘The council plans further tests and steps to soundproof the area.’
    • ‘More than £24,000 has been raised to soundproof a village hall after it was banned from hosting discos and parties.’
    • ‘What is the best way to soundproof the ceiling so that my wonderful parents won't be woken up when I have friends over and I won't be woken up when they get up at the crack of dawn?’
    • ‘One fringe benefit of using the nose baggage compartment is that placing cargo up front helps soundproof the cabin.’
    • ‘He left the civil and criminal courts open to the central lobby, but was forced to soundproof them in 1778 ‘to prevent the sound of voices going from one court to another’.’
    • ‘No matter what we did, or how much soundproofing we did, our neighbour still kept calling the cops.’
    wrap, cover, encase, enclose, envelop, swathe, sheathe, bundle up