Meaning of soupily in English:



See soupy

  • ‘I found him hunkered with his nightmares in the soupily humid town of Bangor, in the American State of Maine.’
  • ‘It is a soupily warm Friday afternoon in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on the day the Olympic torch reaches the former host city, en route to Athens.’
  • ‘The audience expected a laugh and I gave it to them, gliding up and down on the strings, playing the slow parts soupily and with mock solemnity, then dashing away hectically in the fast stuff.’
  • ‘At last, a good poem that does not rhyme soupily and is not sing-song.’
  • ‘It's a hot, sticky night, and air shifts soupily around the venue, sapping the energy and breaking sweat across a couple of dozen foreheads without exertion.’