Meaning of sour grass in English:

sour grass


mass noun
  • Grass which is coarse, unpalatable, or of very low nutritional value.

    Species in several genera of the family Gramineae, in particular Elionurus (in South Africa), and Andropogon and Valota (in the Caribbean)

    • ‘Charged with vagrancy, he was sentenced to 90 days working in the Pipemaker Swamp, shuffling the overgrown roadsides, rooting out sour grass, guards with guns spread out, bored, along the line, muttering insinuations.’
    • ‘What the pastoralists don't realise is that buffel will take over totally in their richest areas, and they will just have this sour grass that cattle won't really do that well on.’
    • ‘At that time, this area was known as the Zuurveld, after the sour grasses that dominate the terrain.’
    • ‘It also exterminates coarse and sour grasses, destroys couch grass and acts powerfully upon rye grasses.’
    • ‘Particularly tenacious weeds, like sour grass with its bright yellow blossoms, have irreversibly invaded residential lawns and crept into natural areas over the last ten years.’