Meaning of southpaw in English:



  • 1A left-handed boxer who leads with the right hand.

    ‘he needed three rounds to work out the Mexican southpaw before taking over’
    as modifier ‘Penalosa's lack of mobility is counterbalanced by his southpaw stance’
    • ‘Fighting from the left-handed southpaw stance, Magee's slashing left hands and jabs kept Hatton off balance for the majority of the opening stages.’
    • ‘Spinks is going to cause problems for any fighter he faces because of his southpaw stance and elusive style.’
    • ‘In the second round, Simms switched to a southpaw stance, which paid quick dividends.’
    • ‘The southpaw boxer revealed that after carefully looking at his career following the defeat, he decided to hang up his gloves as he regarded it a mammoth task to relaunch his career without a steadfast promoter.’
    • ‘I have sparred with a bunch of different pure, elusive, fast little southpaws from super middleweight all the way down to a super lightweight in preparation for this fight.’
    • ‘His Sicilian opponent had never previously been stopped but one vicious uppercut unleashed from a southpaw stance had him seeing stars early on.’
    • ‘For the first four rounds, he fought from an orthodox stance as much as his more familiar southpaw stances.’
    • ‘The Galway southpaw, a classy boxer, matched him in every department and came out a convincing points winner.’
    • ‘Hernandez, a southpaw from El Salvador is perhaps the better technical boxer.’
    • ‘Although Vabaza clearly retained his crown, Matumla never stopped trying and at times managed to land with his left hooks as he was also fighting from a southpaw stance.’
    • ‘Marvin Hagler was a great fighter who fought mainly as a southpaw, but was very effective switching to fighting right handed.’
    • ‘It was a rare boxing pairing of southpaws and perhaps an even rarer scenario in that Judah won a 12-round split decision after fighting nine rounds with a fractured left hand.’
    • ‘The southpaw challenger then began to find his range and landed a solid straight left and right hook as Harrison soaked it up and tried to counter with a right.’
    • ‘He was a southpaw and left handed so I couldn't hit him with good shots.’
    • ‘He was taller than a lot of heavyweights and a southpaw to boot.’
    • ‘Bendigo is credited with inventing the southpaw stance in boxing.’
    • ‘The 17-year-old struggled at first against his southpaw foe from Bulgaria and was a point ahead after round one.’
    • ‘He was a converted southpaw; thus he favoured the left hand heavily.’
    • ‘They always thought I was a converted southpaw, because I was left handed.’
    • ‘He was a southpaw from the Bronx who had his first professional fight in 1964.’
    1. 1.1Baseball A left-handed pitcher.
      • ‘His numbers look good, and he's a southpaw in a pitcher's park, both of which bode quite well for his future.’
      • ‘Based on rate stats, Wagner is unquestionably one of the best active pitchers, left-handed relievers, and southpaws in the history of the game.’
      • ‘He left his own indelible mark on the game as a premier southpaw who made World Series appearances with two different teams, 17 years apart.’
      • ‘Critics will be quick to mention that the southpaw's batting average was far less than spectacular.’
      • ‘The southpaw has reached the Major League level, and may have a career starting at the back end of rotations.’
    2. 1.2North American informal A left-hander in any sphere.
      ‘southpaws are handy at math and spatial reasoning’


Mid 19th century (denoting the left hand or a punch with the left hand): the usage in baseball is from the orientation of the diamond to the same points of the compass, causing the pitcher to have his left hand on the south side of his body.