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sovereign debt

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  • The amount of money that a country's government has borrowed, typically issued as bonds denominated in a reserve currency.

    ‘the anxieties about sovereign debt have been most acute in Europe’
    • ‘Needless to say, the debt is now substantially government or sovereign debt.’
    • ‘Inevitably, therefore, there were two contradictory aspects to sovereign debt, or debt owed by a national government.’
    • ‘The idea was to reduce dramatically the sovereign debt to GDP ratio, Schiff said.’
    • ‘For starters, almost all of the sovereign debt issued in Japan is snapped up by domestic investors.’
    • ‘For example it seeks to transfer more risks to private companies to prevent governments taking on too much sovereign debt.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the central bank said that "the current sovereign debt is sustainable".’
    • ‘The good news is that thanks to relatively low levels of sovereign debt, these governments can afford some stimulus.’
    • ‘Next month the Paris Club of creditor nations is expected to reschedule about $2.8 billion of Indonesia's sovereign debt that falls due this year.’
    • ‘The Regional Representatives faction showed more concern about the increasing trend of the country's sovereign debt, which has been weighing heavily on the state budget.’
    • ‘Where would you rate the United States' sovereign debt?’
    • ‘So I can say that Dubai's current sovereign debt is $10 bn or 37 bn UAE Dirhams (AED).’
    • ‘"The government can offer very little help to the banks at this point because its own sovereign debt is in question," he said.’
    • ‘Whatever his political motives, his concerns about the integrity of U.S. sovereign debt are timely and apt.’
    • ‘The pledge has of course been broken repeatedly; America's sovereign debt stood at $6.9 trillion as of January 2004.’
    • ‘Sovereign debt, needed by all countries, but particularly by the poorest, suffers profoundly from erratic interest-rate and exchange-rate movements.’
    • ‘The draft also allows the finance minister to issue government securities to buy back domestic or external sovereign debt, provided the state debt does not exceed the end of year limit of 19.9 billion leva.’
    • ‘The discrepancy between government expenditures and the property it can coerce from the populace account for 43% of the upsurge in the nation's sovereign debt.’
    • ‘Since then, Argentina has defaulted on the biggest sovereign debt in history and the country has experienced its worst political unrest in a decade.’
    • ‘On highly liquid assets, such as sovereign debt, prices are freely available and monitoring for margin calls is relatively straightforward.’
    • ‘Sovereign debt for the group amounted to 30 per cent of GDP in 1986, partly because the rescheduling process involved provision of additional loans to prevent default.’