Meaning of space tourism in English:

space tourism


mass noun
  • The practice of travelling into space for recreational purposes.

    ‘space tourism could be a $10 billion-per-year industry within two decades’
    • ‘There is also growing acceptance of suborbital markets beyond space tourism.’
    • ‘U.S. lawmakers, too, are taking the first steps to regulate space tourism.’
    • ‘Its designers are trying to win a $10 million contest to encourage space tourism.’
    • ‘The book covers topics ranging from public space travel (aka space tourism) to extraterrestrial mining to space solar power.’
    • ‘For the general public, the concept of space tourism continues to be an exciting dream.’
    • ‘Not only will space tourism satisfy some tremendous, pent-up demand for novel holiday activity, it will bring about an exploration Renaissance.’
    • ‘In addition to the flying displays, visitors will have the chance to see the Starchaser Nova Rocket, which marks the first step on the road to space tourism.’
    • ‘He plans to launch a suborbital space tourism business in three years, with five "spaceliners" modeled on aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan's now-famous SpaceShipOne.’
    • ‘Perhaps $60,000, the equivalent of the price to climb Mount Everest, will be the "affordable ticket price" that creates a market for space tourism.’
    • ‘The difference this time is the flight is specifically for the sake of space tourism (with the previous two, they simply added the "tourist" to a planned mission).’
    • ‘If space tourism develops during the coming decades, it will generate jobs similar to those which exist in the travel industry today.’