Meaning of spacesuit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspeɪssuːt/

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  • A garment designed to allow an astronaut to survive in space.

    ‘This is an idea for a spacesuit that will allow astronauts to exercise while working in space.’
    • ‘This technology also is useful for astronauts in spacesuits who need to control tools in space.’
    • ‘In particular, they point out that the bright white spacesuits worn by the astronauts could have reflected light into regions of shadow.’
    • ‘To test the spacecraft and our spacesuits, we spent two days in Baikonur with a large group of engineers, trainers and officials.’
    • ‘Several pieces of equipment had been damaged by the astronauts who were clumsy in their big spacesuits.’
    • ‘They will discuss the reasons for and benefits of field testing, the challenges of communicating in space and the design of prototype spacesuits.’
    • ‘He works with the extravehicular activity branch upgrading NASA's future spacesuits.’
    • ‘The challenge of making such a movie, where all the action takes place on the lunar surface, is that the actors are hidden within their spacesuits, making it difficult to display emotion or even to communicate.’
    • ‘Then we will make our way to the launch site where we will put on and test our spacesuits.’
    • ‘Inside the capsule, they donned bulky spacesuits and ensured the Soyuz was airtight before it undocked from the station.’
    • ‘The job will set the stage to restore use of the airlock as a base for spacewalks using U.S. spacesuits.’
    • ‘The crew aboard the International Space Station has slipped into spacesuits and floated out a hatch to begin a five-and-a-half hour spacewalk, the first since the men arrived at the outpost three months ago.’
    • ‘When most people think of space travel they typically think of rockets, spaceships, propulsion systems, spacesuits, and structures to ship to Moon or Mars colonies to live in.’
    • ‘The spacewalkers are using Russan Orlan spacesuits.’
    • ‘Shortly after take-off, a television monitor inside the spaceship showed Tito in a white spacesuit decorated with an American flag on the shoulder and a Plexiglas helmet, grinning broadly.’
    • ‘A highlight of the exhibit will be an authentic spacesuit, on loan from NASA.’
    • ‘Without either a spacesuit on the moon, or heavy clothing and shelter in a midwinter Antarctic blizzard, the human body would rapidly succumb to the extreme conditions.’
    • ‘But a spacesuit is made basically of two suits that are joined together.’
    • ‘Set in the middle of the arctic wilds of northern Canada, the station included a mock airlock, space toilet and spacesuits for conducting experiments outside.’
    • ‘I had, I think, a slight advantage along with my crew, in that we just spent two days in the Soyuz, and we'd been in and out of our spacesuits several times.’