Meaning of spammy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspami/

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adjectivespammier, spammiest

  • Denoting, relating to, or constituting internet spam.

    • ‘in the past, the tactics that worked for internet marketers were 'in-your-face' advertisements and spammy emails’
    • ‘Legitimate information risks being crowded out by junky, spammy imitations.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, working at home is not like how the spammy adverts portray.’
    • ‘Spammers sometimes use IP addresses instead of domain names to make the spammy sites harder to spot.’
    • ‘Then I dug around and sure enough, there were over 200 spammy trackbacks sent from January 5th through the 20th.’
    • ‘But as bad as spammy SEO firms are, there are worse offenders.’
    • ‘Sounds a bit spammy to us - viral, even.’
    • ‘Well from a website visitor's perspective, is it better to land on a parked domain littered with spammy ads?’
    • ‘In any case if it looks spammy then your visitors won't like it and will be more inclined to go elsewhere.’
    • ‘Even if your electronic mail program doesn't identify the file or sender as spammy, make sure you're well acquainted with the sender.’
    • ‘When I was little there used to be more opportunities to use your talents to win stuff without having to give out all sorts of personal info about yourself and get on a ton of spammy awful mailing lists.’
    • ‘If you haven't received yours, check your spam folder - darn evite messages all look spammy and such.’
    • ‘In fact, these algorithmic improvements should improve search relevance and neutralize some of the spammier link building methods.’
    • ‘So the spammier it looked, the lower the score, the more perfectly optimized the higher?’
    • ‘Meanwhile any businesses willing to pay the new charges can fast-track their spammiest marketing mailouts direct into customer's mailboxes.’
    • ‘It is Europe's spammiest ISP and one which we, as well as Italy's other main networks and many US networks, consider to be Europe's worst spam problem.’
    • ‘One of the spammiest players is either involved or is friendly with the organisers.’
    • ‘The better strategy would be to invest a bit more time into the research phase before throwing $2,000 into a bunch of spammy directories.’
    • ‘Looks pretty spammy to me, and I'm wondering what your recommendation is?’
    • ‘More and more people seem to be getting hit by competitors creating spammy links to try to get them into trouble.’