Meaning of spare part in English:

spare part


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  • A duplicate part to replace a lost or damaged part of a machine.

    ‘Recently a controversy erupted when ZRA officials demanded duty on agriculture machinery spare parts which were imported into the country.’
    • ‘The agricultural machinery and spare parts business occupies a number of properties in the centre of the town.’
    • ‘The contraption, which is made up of the spare parts of different vehicles, costs only Rs 15,000.’
    • ‘The crew has patched the system, but their replacements are bringing spare parts along to attempt a full repair.’
    • ‘So while we're away they'll rummage through the contents of our spare parts bins and steal the new stuff to upgrade their machines.’
    • ‘Lopecan's gross margin for machinery is 31% and for spare parts is 45%.’
    • ‘He said that the company was manufacturing its own spare parts and other accessories for the machinery.’
    • ‘Are advance replacement parts supplied overnight sufficient or do you need on-site spare parts?’
    • ‘They also have a well-stocked service trailer that contains spare parts, hoses and hose repair gear, a cutting torch, a welder and a chain sharpener.’
    • ‘Heating and air conditioning units are old requiring increasing expensive maintenance as spare parts are now difficult to obtain and need to be specifically manufactured.’
    • ‘Rajkumar Jeswani, a spare parts salesman from Ahmedabad, worked overtime to put together enough money to feed his family while he was away and for his ticket back.’
    • ‘All that remained in these warehouses were spare parts.’
    • ‘We're looking at an average age of aircraft rising over the past decade to the point where we now have to spend a great deal more on spare parts and repairs and downtime.’
    • ‘They loaded the drawings for George in a backpack, built improvised bicycles from spare parts and fled over the French border into Spain.’
    • ‘Indeed, Volkswagen built one of the first auto Web sites to offer owners an online community in which they could swap opinions and spare parts.’
    • ‘The young girl, nearly sixteen, fumbled with a device that looked to be pieced together by spare parts from various technical devices.’