Meaning of sparky in English:


adjectivesparkier, sparkiest

  • Lively and high-spirited.

    ‘her sparky personality’
    • ‘Philip Osment's sparky translation briefly announces the content of each of the play's 13 episodes.’
    • ‘Streep has moved way beyond her reputation for mastery of wildly different accents, and is now enjoying a burst of sparky creativity in her fifties, typified by her energetic, mesmerising portrayal of these multiple personalities.’
    • ‘Mawdsley's production is flabby, and only highlights the play's creaky construction, but the cast are good value and make the most of the often sparky dialogue.’
    • ‘Impressed by his sparky presence, Llewellyn made him the star of his own series, The Naked Chef.’
    • ‘The woman leaning forward in the tea room of the Shelbourne Hotel to pour the photographer some tea is bright-eyed, sparky and enthusiastic.’
    • ‘The spry, sparky gent returned to his native Istanbul after a stint in the mid-1990s as director of the Centre for Curatorial Studies Museum at Bard College.’
    • ‘Malgas was a humble but sparky man with a deep knowledge of nature who was proud of his San ancestry.’
    • ‘Always sparky company, his enthusiasm and generosity were unremitting, although he remained far from wealthy throughout his life.’
    cheerful, happy, jolly, merry, bright, sunny, joyous, light-hearted, in good spirits, in high spirits, sparkling, bubbly, effervescent, exuberant, ebullient, cock-a-hoop, breezy, airy, cheery, sprightly, jaunty, smiling, grinning, beaming, laughing, mirthful, radiant


informal British
  • An electrician.

    • ‘Brickies, chipies, sparkies etc have a natural appeal that I realise I am not unique in finding attractive.’
    • ‘Young people are now coming out of their time and going into jobs as plumbers, sparkies, or carpenters.’
    • ‘The sparkies are going to be working overtime to replace fried electrical components.’