Meaning of spatchcock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspatʃkɒk/


  • A chicken or game bird split open and grilled.

    ‘He treats the proper cooking of a spatchcock as a matter of import on which worlds will begin and end.’
    • ‘If a recipe calls for spatchcocks, you can use Cornish game hens’


[with object]
  • 1Split open (a poultry or game bird) ready for grilling.

    • ‘these small spring chickens can be bought already spatchcocked’
    1. 1.1mainly British informal Add (a phrase, sentence, clause, etc.) in a context where it is inappropriate.
      • ‘a new clause has been spatchcocked into the Bill’
      • ‘She is used to six hours of gymnastics somehow spatchcocked on to a normal school day.’
      • ‘A shopping bag that had had flour and two types of sugar in it was spatchcocked on the kitchen floor.’
      • ‘I hated letting down the BarbarbarbarbarBinger (for the party twas her very own) but it was right and proper that I stayed spatchcocked at home.’


Late 18th century (originally an Irish usage): perhaps related to the noun dispatch+ cock, but compare with spitchcock.