Meaning of specialized in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspɛʃəlʌɪzd/

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(also British specialised)
  • 1Requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training.

    ‘employees with specialized skills’
    • ‘Most of these tasks may require weeks of training to develop the specialized skills required.’
    • ‘The school is the place where one teaches the knowledge, skills, and specialized competencies required to find a good job and be successful.’
    • ‘Because of the extensive specialized knowledge required, most individuals will retain the services of an arborist.’
    • ‘This law favored immigrants with post-secondary education, technical training, and specialized skills.’
    • ‘In spite of its unskilled nature, sawing did require specialized skills.’
    • ‘For these jobs, specialized abilities and training are required.’
    • ‘After primary teaching training she completed specialised training as a teacher of the deaf.’
    • ‘The company employs 30 people, many with specialised skills.’
    • ‘The company has been recruiting individuals with specialized knowledge of vertical sectors.’
    • ‘Supercomputing experts need a mix of specialized knowledge in the applications with which they work and in the various supercomputing technologies.’
    • ‘The work required highly specialized skills in design.’
    • ‘The book is densely argued and requires more specialized expertise than a general reader is likely to have.’
    • ‘There were no college courses offering specialized training in information security.’
    • ‘Six years of secondary school can lead either to university education or specialized training.’
    • ‘His specialized knowledge is the Irish language.’
    • ‘We will be taking on somebody who can provide the specialised services required by mature students.’
    • ‘The company has increased its staff by 25 per cent and opened a specialised training division.’
    • ‘Readers might have relied upon her specialised knowledge and the fact that she held herself out as an anthropologist.’
    • ‘Basic awareness training should be supplemented by more specialised training directly related to the function of the employee.’
    • ‘The standard will never be the same as that provided by a professional mechanic, with their specialised knowledge and experience.’
    1. 1.1Concentrating on a small area of a subject.
      ‘periodicals have become more and more specialized’
      • ‘It is a book on a very specialized subject.’
      • ‘As editors gain experience with specialized subjects, they can move up in the hierarchy.’
      • ‘It is not a specialized subject matter.’
      • ‘The company has remained in this specialized product area and has continually ploughed back profit into product development.’
      • ‘It is a book which will be of lasting value, I think, albeit on a highly specialised subject.’
      • ‘This is a book which is useful for those who work in the specialised area of women's studies.’
      • ‘Jargon can be seen in a positive way, enabling communication within a specialised subject.’
      • ‘These publications, general in nature at first, turned increasingly to specialized subjects that included women's topics and cookery.’
      • ‘This is a highly specialised field and there is little published material on the subject for the interested novice.’
    2. 1.2Designed for a particular purpose.
      ‘specialized software’
      • ‘Blogs are online software tools that can be updated without specialized design software.’
      • ‘Most of our facilities weren't designed with specialized rooms for martial arts or yoga.’
      • ‘Each of these titles has a specialized purpose.’
      • ‘Sometimes water runs down the walls and collected in specialized drainage pipes.’
      • ‘Miner spent the next three years designing specialized chips for cardiac pacemakers.’
      • ‘Other less specialized software tools can be used as well.’
      • ‘There are currently hundreds of specialized software programs to detect its presence.’
      • ‘Most of the allotted funds are spent on software and specialized software tools.’
      • ‘I'm going to be heading up a department whose purpose is to develop the specialized diving suits we'll be using at depths beyond 2000 feet.’
      • ‘Certain tasks go easier with specialized tools, which is why manufacturers produce dozens of designs in varying grades.’