Meaning of specifically in English:


Pronunciation /spɪˈsɪfɪkli/

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  • 1In a way that is exact and clear; precisely.

    ‘a workman called at the time I specifically stated I would not be in’
    • ‘the problem was specifically mentioned in the report’
    • ‘censorship, or more specifically the banning of books, is a threat to the freedom of speech’
    • ‘Trade, specifically beef, will be high on the agenda.’
    • ‘Specifically, he has a bone to pick with grocers who use the turkey to reward the bargain-thirsty, store-hopping, emotionally-unable-to-commit customers.’
    • ‘Soon customers showed up specifically asking for the crispy, low-fat chips.’
    • ‘What, specifically, should I do?’
    • ‘I knew that I wanted to be pre-med, but I wasn't sure what I specifically wanted to major in.’
    1. 1.1For a particular purpose.
      ‘books created specifically for children’
      • ‘some collectors maintain spaces specifically to house their larger works of art’
      • ‘A compilation of easy-to-use, interactive agricultural safety education media materials need to be developed specifically for agriculture teachers.’
      • ‘Tests to determine the presence of lead in drinking water should be done by a laboratory certified specifically for lead testing.’
      • ‘Some pesticides are sold in formulations specifically for licensed pest control operators.’
      • ‘The guide was written specifically to address the concerns of hundreds of small businesses located in rural areas.’
      • ‘These two products were specifically developed to stimulate induced immunity.’
  • 2Biology
    In a way that relates to species.

    ‘there are three genera in common, but these differ specifically’
    • ‘I now feel strongly inclined to believe that it is not only specifically but generically distinct from the human.’
    • ‘Viewed in connection with the strictly human conformation of his cranium, it is such to specifically identify him with Home sapiens.’
    • ‘There seems to be no doubt on his part that the Neanderthal fossil is specifically identical with Man.’
    • ‘They maintained that Chaos chaos was generically and specifically like Amoeba proteus without presenting any valid reason for holding such a view.’
    • ‘In biology, structures possessed by different organisms are specifically similar due to similar function.’