Meaning of specify in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspɛsɪfʌɪ/

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verbverb specifies, verb specifying, verb specified

[with object]
  • 1Identify clearly and definitely.

    ‘he did not specify a reason for leaving’
    • ‘the company has not specified a timetable’
    • ‘The Claimant is not able to specify the identity of the items ordered for each of the sales listed.’
    • ‘Plans did not specify the identity of any tenants in the proposed project.’
    • ‘The Secretary of State must identify and specify the relevant law of the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Where a cheque or bill is payable to order, it must specify the identity of the payee with reasonable certainty.’
    • ‘The actual content to be published has to be clearly specified.’
    • ‘Must the Court specify a new date for the resumed hearing?’
    • ‘These definitions are used to specify different styles.’
    • ‘No accounts specify dates for the relocation.’
    • ‘You can specify the date or the day of the week that you'd prefer to have the message delivered.’
    • ‘This had enabled me to specify the exact date I needed to go back to.’
    • ‘Accommodations must be used on dates specified by Sponsors.’
    • ‘No date has been specified.’
    • ‘If a later date is specified then it is the continuation tenancy which is to come to an end on that date.’
    • ‘All warrants have a specified expiry date.’
    • ‘No construction start date is specified in the contract.’
    • ‘Can I speak in support of the original date specified by your Honour as 9 February.’
    • ‘These characteristics clearly cannot be understood as specifying strict criteria for addiction.’
    • ‘Two additional questions asked students to identify other factors they found to be motivational and specify classroom experiences that did not motivate them.’
    • ‘The identity of a marketing firm must be specified to consumers.’
    • ‘Information cannot be identified or measured unless a certain mechanism is specified.’
    state, name, identify, define, describe, set out, set down, draw up, frame, itemize, designate, detail, list, spell out, enumerate, particularize, catalogue, cite, instance, be specific about
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    1. 1.1with clause State a fact or requirement clearly and precisely.
      ‘the agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees’
      • ‘It does not specify that a society must establish a system of state-funded education.’
      • ‘Regulations may specify that certain details must be given every time a person is offering an extended warranty to a consumer.’
      • ‘I forgot to specify that in my description.’
      • ‘When you order your chicks, specify that you want all females.’
      • ‘Requirements specify that the piece is to be written for percussion duo.’
      • ‘If you are in the process of ordering a new door, you can specify that it come predrilled for a deadbolt.’
      • ‘The recipient can accept and specify that the allocator gets two dollars.’
      • ‘Many staff jobs for sub-editors specify that they don't want writers.’
      • ‘An e-mail messaging solution might specify that e-mails more than 60 days old must be moved.’
      • ‘Some programs give you the option to specify that ‘All’ or ‘Some’ users have access to a program.’
      • ‘You can give to a community foundation in your town or area and specify that your cash go only to charities or events that help support a specific cause.’
      • ‘Make sure you specify that the extra payment should be applied to the principal on your mortgage.’
      • ‘Please specify that you want dividends reinvested in fund shares.’
      • ‘The conditioner should specify that it is for oily hair.’
      • ‘They can specify that at the interview stage.’
      • ‘I endeavour to specify that which has changed and, by extension, that which has not.’
      • ‘Many election regulations specify that a recount must be performed in the same manner as the original election.’
      • ‘Derricke goes out of his way to specify that his quarrel is not with them.’
      • ‘For child safety, building codes specify that balusters must be spaced less than 4 inches apart.’
      • ‘Building codes in your area may specify that only a licensed professional can do certain work.’
    2. 1.2Include in an architect's or engineer's specifications.
      ‘naval architects specified circular portholes’
      • ‘When architects design buildings and specify construction materials, they are responsible for that building's energy consumption pattern for its lifetime.’
      • ‘Do you put up with an architect who specifies beams in places that get in the way of your intended use of the building?’
      • ‘Duties included specifying the materials to be used in the construction and fitting out of the factory.’
      • ‘The middle level is where the engineers specify models that map onto electrical and electronic components.’
      • ‘Astructural engineer may specify a beam one size larger than necessary to provide a little extra insurance against litigation problems down the road.’
      • ‘The architect did specify weir overflows.’
      • ‘Architects are eager to specify the material and experts recognize it as a mark of quality.’
      • ‘The material is specified by architects because of its clarity, sturdiness, and resistance to sound and heat transmission.’
      • ‘The material might be specified on your plans by an engineer or an architect, or they may be specifically listed in the building codes.’
      • ‘Architects may be inviting trouble when they indiscriminately specify clear waterproofing on all newly built, newly cleaned walls.’
      • ‘One easy way architects can reduce embodied energy is to specify local materials.’


Middle English from Old French specifier or late Latin specificare (see specific).