Meaning of spectacles in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspɛktəklz/

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plural noun

  • A pair of glasses.

    ‘gold-rimmed spectacles’
    • ‘spectacle frames’
    • ‘It was in Venice, the centre of glass making, that the first pair of spectacles appeared, around 1280.’
    • ‘Lamb draws an analogy with a pair of spectacles.’
    • ‘His hair was blond, and his eyes a bright blue colour, partially hidden behind a small pair of green tinted spectacles.’
    • ‘He's wearing a pair of spectacles and his usually unruly mop of brown hair is now slicked down with a neat side-parting.’
    • ‘She could see his slicked back hair with a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles resting carefully on his nose.’
    • ‘He pulled another pair of spectacles out and replaced his old ones with them.’
    • ‘He took a pair of thin-rimmed spectacles from a case and perched them close to the tip of his nose.’
    • ‘He was wearing a full body suit of ostrich feathers and a ludicrous pair of spectacles.’
    • ‘The gray side-burned man cocked a grey eye at him beneath a pair of expensive spectacles.’
    • ‘‘Try these,’ he said as he handed her a pair of round-lensed spectacles.’
    • ‘The countryman went from ruggedly unsophisticated to casually erudite in one quick addition of something so simplistic as a pair of spectacles.’
    • ‘The judge pulled out a pair of spectacles and a list.’
    • ‘In the lead was a tall man, about Adam's height, with a head full of graying brown hair and a pair of intelligent-looking spectacles.’
    • ‘He dusted the snowflakes out of his hair and slipped on his pair of thick-framed spectacles and took the folder from Margaret's hands.’
    • ‘I advised His Honour to buy a new pair of spectacles.’
    • ‘Gerald had donned a pair of spectacles and seemed earnestly studious.’
    • ‘He had light brown hair and blue eyes framed by a pair of spectacles.’
    • ‘She had on a different pair of spectacles now, a blue oval shaped type.’
    • ‘He looked up and the glass of his spectacles caught the light, sending a bright glare into Sandra's eyes.’
    • ‘The girl opened her eyes to find herself looking into blue eyes which twinkled behind a pair of spectacles.’
    glasses, eyewear
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