Meaning of spectrometer in English:


Pronunciation /spɛkˈtrɒmɪtə/

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  • An apparatus used for recording and measuring spectra, especially as a method of analysis.

    ‘Experimentally, we compared the quantitative distribution of each pigment based on our proposed method with one measured using a spectrometer.’
    • ‘The specimens were subjected to element analysis by an energy-dispersive spectrometer.’
    • ‘The spectrometer provides the measure of the gold carat.’
    • ‘A spectrometer will measure the temperature of the atmosphere at various heights and pick out surface hot spots such as active volcanoes.’
    • ‘We are collecting the water samples and analysing it with the atomic spectrometer.’
    • ‘It boasts ‘imaging infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers, a multi-color camera, a long-range telescopic camera, two particle spectrometers, a space-dust detector and a radio science experiment’.’
    • ‘It is likely that both the absorption spectrum and the emission spectrum are changed at high intensities with respect to the low-intensity spectra of DsRed recorded by conventional spectrometers.’
    • ‘The returning light would be detected by an imaging spectrometer to create a spectral image of the apple on a computer screen.’
    • ‘An X-ray spectrometer on board the rover performed 15 separate chemical analyses of the Martian soil, and identified large amounts of silicate minerals, suggesting that Mars had a similar geological history to the Earth.’
    • ‘Research quickened in the 1980s as better measuring techniques emerged, notably gas chromatograph-mass spectrometers.’
    • ‘Both spectrometers were interfaced to computers for data analysis.’
    • ‘Delta E is a scientific measure of color change calculated by using a color spectrometer which determines the amount of light refracted back to the instrument.’
    • ‘Using a spectrometer, the transmittance spectrum is measured in a number of small regions in a stained tissue slide.’
    • ‘He read the labels on the atomic spectrometer's controls and displays before taking a look into the sample chamber.’
    • ‘The instruments on the orbiter include several cameras and spectrometers that work at different wavelengths: infrared, ultraviolet, visible and microwave.’
    • ‘The detector range of the array spectrometer is 200 to 875 nm, from ultraviolet into the near infrared.’
    • ‘The energy reflected back can be analyzed by a spectrometer that researchers then interpret.’
    • ‘One of the early uses of this was the development of the spectrometer for identification of elements.’
    • ‘The next Europa mission, planned for launch sometime after 2009, is expected to carry high-resolution spectrometers to map the surface and determine the mineralogical and organic composition of the surface ice.’
    • ‘Working as miniature geologists, these robots will have miniature thermal emission spectrometers and an eye-height panoramic camera among their array of scientific instruments.’