Meaning of spectroscope in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspɛktrəskəʊp/

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  • An apparatus for producing and recording spectra for examination.

    ‘Janssen used an instrument called a spectroscope to analyze the sunlight.’
    • ‘In 1868, the French astronomer Pierre Janssen studied light from the Sun during a solar eclipse using a spectroscope.’
    • ‘In 1859, Kirchoff and Bunsen invented the spectroscope and demonstrated that different atoms absorb and emit different wavelengths of light.’
    • ‘Turin instead proposed that our sense of smell works in much the same way as a spectroscope - an instrument used to identify elements and molecules.’
    • ‘To do this they use a device known as a spectrometer or a spectroscope.’
    • ‘To isolate harmful food, inspectors from 82 municipal laboratories armed with spectroscopes and radiation detectors comb the city's 69 open-air markets.’
    • ‘Astronomers could pass moonlight through spectroscopes to infer the chemical composition of the moon by comparing the moon's spectrum with that of known substances here on earth.’
    • ‘Within a century of Comte's death, thanks to the invention of the spectroscope, much of astronomy had become astrochemistry - a science he had roundly declared impossible.’
    • ‘Both groups are exposed to basic principles behind astronomical instrumentation such as CCD cameras, spectroscopes, and (for the solar group) an optical bench setup to observe the sun in H-alpha light.’
    • ‘Rubidium and cesium were discovered in 1860 by Robert Bunsen using the newly developed spectroscope which shows light-emission patterns that are characteristic for each element.’
    • ‘Not content with the instruments he had, Monty built microscopes, a spectroscope and other pieces of equipment, including a micrometer with a powered eyepiece for better speed control.’
    • ‘During the late 1800s, the widespread use of spectroscopes, coupled with the relatively new science of photography, enabled the field of astronomy to be reborn as the discipline of astrophysics.’
    • ‘We have found five planets orbiting that star, and with our spectroscopes we found one within the star's habitable zone that has an atmosphere.’
    • ‘Princeton University sent a team that was reputed to be the best equipped, with the latest telescopes and spectroscopes needed for the job.’
    • ‘Renishaw is a specialist in spectroscopes including Raman microscopes.’
    • ‘Bruno believed that other heavenly bodies are presumably made up of the same materials as the earth, a guess which required the spectroscope of the 19th century to prove scientifically valid.’
    • ‘An eclipse in India in 1868 offered an opportunity to do something never before done, pass light from the Sun's atmosphere through a spectroscope.’
    • ‘Film colours are colours such as are seen in a spectroscope or a patch of blue or uniformly grey sky.’
    • ‘A spectroscope splits light up into its component hues so that its precise mixture of colours can be analysed separately.’
    • ‘The demonstrated differences can be attributed to the fact that the girls with CF did less total work than control subjects in the magnetic resonance spectroscope.’