Meaning of speech-writer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspiːtʃrʌɪtə/


  • A person employed to write speeches for others to deliver.

    ‘There are presenters and speech-writers who talk, and there are some who just write whatever comes into their heads.’
    • ‘Bob Lehrman, a speech-writer for the Democratic Party in the USA, has said that: ‘your theme should be simple enough that it can be expressed in one sentence’.’
    • ‘Each of the nine sites will help advance teams, speech-writers, press secretaries and event planners get a fast and free fix on that blinking blip on the campaign radar screen.’
    • ‘For doing the Prime Minister's bidding, he was promoted to become her illustrious speech-writer and the person who constructed the words that she used throughout the last campaign.’
    • ‘It is a veritable bible for speech-writers and speech-lovers, an anthology to get you inspired, and more often, make you jealous.’
    • ‘Those are the bits picked out by the speech-writers for special emphasis.’
    • ‘The nation yelped in astonishment this week when Peter Hyman, the Prime Minister's speech-writer, quit his job to go into teaching.’
    • ‘With so many spin doctors and advisors and speech-writers clogging up the political process in recent years it is great to see someone just tell it like it is from the heart.’
    • ‘His key aides have barely varied since he was governor of Texas; his vice-president is the same; his speech-writers are almost the same; his cabinet is virtually the same.’
    • ‘The victim had to present his own case, though many people hired professional speech-writers, especially since they had to convince a jury of not 12 but 501 members.’
    • ‘It comes mainly from the orators, whose services as speech-writers were engaged by plaintiffs and defendants who happened to be wealthy enough to pay them.’
    • ‘Don't get us wrong, we are very happy to be unpaid speech-writers.’
    • ‘It was edited by Seamus Brady, a former speech-writer for Blaney, who was until September 1969 an employee of the Government Information Bureau.’
    • ‘In 1976, he became a speech-writer for and protégé of Chirac.’
    • ‘He worked as a speech-writer for Robert Kennedy, a career cut short by JFK's assassination.’
    • ‘He left behind his wife, despite knowing he had made a vow for life, and took up with his speech-writer.’
    • ‘Comedian, lawyer, economist and former political speech-writer Ben Stein, talked about a variety of topics from a humorous point of view.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s Don Watson, historian and speech-writer for Paul Keating, expressed his anger at the confused educational scene.’
    • ‘Experienced researcher, speech-writer and adviser - and, as you can see from the blog, I love writing.’
    • ‘Both sides have to recognise the fundamental truth that, as a New Labour speech-writer would put it, they only work well, when they work together.’