Meaning of speed-read in English:




[with object]
  • Read rapidly by assimilating several phrases or sentences at once.

    ‘I speed-read your last book’
    • ‘I slept well, and then I speed-read three books.’
    • ‘Since we left Hastings, Nathan's been sitting all alone, silently speed-reading the New Testament.’
    • ‘Convinced your life would be immeasurably improved if you could speed-read the Economist, Elle Deco and the Spectator, you take out multiple-subscriptions but are, of course, far too busy to read them.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, speed-read our many other posts: the very meaning of innocence.’
    • ‘He prepares notes telling every aspect of the video shooting and cast and then speed-reads it over the course of the two minute and thirty second playing time.’
    • ‘Find out by speed-reading this month's cover package.’
    • ‘It teaches you how to speed-read these documents to identify potential problems with a company.’
    • ‘Making them speed-read irrelevant emails will demotivate and exhaust them, and could interfere with their ability to spot real compliance breaches that do cross their screens.’
    • ‘Aside from these really useful skills, my husband also has another, marginally less useful skill: he can speed-read.’
    • ‘Pop back and re-parse that one if you were speed-reading.’
    • ‘Otherwise, I'd suggest you need to stop speed-reading because you're missing much of the message.’
    • ‘At times like these I wish I could speed-read.’
    • ‘In 1995 Stanford researchers Peter Underhill and Peter Oefner found a way to speed-read through the Y-chromosome encyclopedia.’
    • ‘The film may well be hard work, particularly for a British audience unaccustomed to speed-reading subtitles.’
    • ‘He has a particular talent for getting to the nub of a report, often speed-reading documents and following up by asking three pertinent questions.’
    scan, skim, glance, look, run one's eye over, have a look at, peruse, give something a once-over, give something the once-over