Meaning of spick and span in English:

spick and span

Pronunciation /spɪk(ə)ndˈspan/

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(also spic and span)
  • Neat, clean, and well looked after.

    ‘my little house is spick and span’
    • ‘These hospitals are enormously busy public areas with a lot of people moving around in them, and keeping them really clean and spick and span can be quite a difficult job.’
    • ‘Even though he had cleaned the bathroom spick and span just now, it was still not enough for redemption!’
    • ‘‘The mothers have done a great job because they're very neat and tidy’ and the new uniforms were all spic and span.’
    • ‘The Mounted Police should ride a clean cut and flat planed horse in keeping with the general spick and span appearance of their riders.’
    • ‘Interior of Plunkett Railway Station: ‘In spite of this busy site's outmoded appearance, staff had kept it spick and span and litter-free.’’
    • ‘I mean, I cleaned it daily, made sure everything was spick and span.’
    • ‘Julian is so mad about vacs that he volunteers to clean up at his after-school club and always keeps the carpets spick and span at home.’
    • ‘The park's 25 staff, most of them seasonal, have been busy in the past few weeks ensuring the park is spick and span for the influx of visitors.’
    • ‘The day started with a quick clean of the monkey enclosure, washing windows and making sure the area was spick and span.’
    • ‘The streets around the inner harbour are so spick and span that you feel you could eat your pancakes and maple syrup off them.’
    • ‘If you can bear it, try to leave a corner of your garden that is not spick and span.’
    • ‘Not only this, the trash collection point behind was spick and span.’
    • ‘The Community Forum urges everyone to participate in the clean-up day to keep our area spick and span.’
    • ‘It's hoped that all residents will make an extra effort to have the village spick and span for Christmas.’
    • ‘A man with an eye for neatness around the place, Tom always ensured that things were spick and span.’
    • ‘When people see a vintage car driving on the road, few realise the years of work that keep it so spick and span.’
    • ‘The school, as always, looked spic and span and all items for judgement were in their respective areas - green bins, plastic bins, recycling bins.’
    • ‘Marvellous work has been carried out by committee members, and the village is looking spic and span, with an array of beautiful hanging baskets and window boxes.’
    • ‘Our uniforms were neatly ironed and they were spic and span.’
    • ‘On Monday morning the Tidy Towns volunteers were out picking up litter and keeping the area near the Town Hall spic and span.’
    neat and tidy, as neat as a new pin, orderly, well ordered, in order, in good order, well kept, shipshape, shipshape and Bristol fashion, in apple-pie order, immaculate, uncluttered, straight, trim, spruce
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Late 16th century (in the sense ‘brand new’): from spick and span new, emphatic extension of dialect span new, from Old Norse spán-nýr, from spánn ‘chip’ + nýr ‘new’; spick influenced by Dutch spiksplinternieuw, literally ‘splinter new’.