Main meanings of spitfire in English

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Pronunciation /ˈspɪtfʌɪə/

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  • A person with a fierce temper.

    ‘He never took into consideration that we had two small children that I was still constantly getting up to during the night… or that our two little spitfires had drained me of most of my energy during the day.’
    • ‘She gives off a powdery aroma of someone pampered and indulged since diaper days; in short, she seems vacuous, and you can't have vacuous spitfires.’
    • ‘I had this great view and I was mesmerized by all the boys moshing around, and the one girl who joined them, a little spitfire with bleach blond hair who pounded her chest at one point and howled.’
    • ‘While Karisma is quiet, patient, and low-keyed, Kareena has fast attained the reputation of being a spitfire who doesn't mince words and does not suffer fools gladly.’
    • ‘Elphie, the spitfire and inherently self-reliant girl, proves to be one of the most timeless and charming characters to ever be given life.’
    • ‘You work extremely hard with those 3 spitfires.’
    • ‘People seem to love the little girl, Georgie Henley, but for me, she doesn't hold up to comparisons to former kid spitfires like Mara Wilson, Quinn Cummings, or God knows, Ms. Fanning.’
    • ‘Her long, striking extensions and shapely arms undoubtedly would catch more eyes in a company with fewer spitfires and soubrettes.’
    • ‘Two of them were real spitfires and were still hissing and spitting madly.’
    • ‘It's not often I meet a spitfire like you, peach.’
    • ‘So… who wants to ride with a scowling spitfire?’
    • ‘Caelum grabbed the little spitfire out of the air, ‘Look at the wall.’’
    • ‘Funny that you refuse to get a tatt at your girlfriend's request but seem not to mind the excruciating pain and your fears when the little spitfire in your arms asks you to.’
    • ‘Our little spitfire has the flaming hair to match.’
    • ‘Daniel Irving, however, was the spitfire on the team, constantly hooting and yelling in the intense games just to keep the girls' morale up and stir some sort of reaction from their deadened features.’
    • ‘Over the course of the film, she evolves from slightly shy, awkward schoolmarm to a spitfire who can dish it right back to Howard even when he is at his loudest and most obnoxious, and Zellweger hits every note.’
    • ‘‘What a spitfire,’ Dylan laughed and Pat just shook his head.’
    • ‘‘Alex is usually a boy's name,’ Erica, a spitfire of a brunette said.’
    • ‘Brass saw her as a spitfire who wouldn't be intimidated by the big brains of Thacker, Lampson, and Keely, or be cowed by pen computing's checkered history.’
    • ‘‘You chose quite a spitfire of a girl, buddy,’ Gunning observed, facing Samuel with a friendly smile.’

Main meanings of Spitfire in English

: spitfire1Spitfire2


Pronunciation /ˈspɪtfʌɪə/

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proper noun

  • A single-seat, single-engined British fighter aircraft of the Second World War, designed by Reginald Mitchell and produced by the Supermarine company. It is particularly remembered for its role in the Battle of Britain.