Meaning of splake in English:



  • A hybrid trout of North American lakes.

    Produced by crossing the speckled trout (S. fontinalis) with the lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

    • ‘The brook trout's sperm has also been combined with the eggs of a lake trout which results in a splake, a fish that has been introduced into some of the North American Great Lakes.’
    • ‘The resulting hybrid, known as a splake, supports intermediate features.’
    • ‘Because the splake is a hatchery-produced hybrid, is does not occur naturally anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘In one case, splake are stocked in a reclaimed pond in which brook trout have become self-sustaining.’
    • ‘Although not well documented, there are several potential impacts of introducing splake into a water-body.’
    • ‘The species chosen for the job was the splake, a cross between the lake trout and the brook trout.’
    • ‘Like lightning, out of nowhere, a 14-inch splake dashed in and smacked the jig as we watched in amazement.’
    • ‘Numerous literary profiles have been written about splake in journals and newspapers all around the country.’
    • ‘As with many other fish, splake often ignore nine potential spots, but set up camp on the tenth.’
    • ‘Both are quite tasty and worth the effort, but today we're concentrating on splake techniques.’
    • ‘There are browns, rainbows, cut-throats, brooks, tigers, splakes, white fish, wipers, and others in the area.’
    • ‘Lake trout, splakes and brookies are biting well up north, and also try Echo in the morning.’
    • ‘Some are fishing inland lakes for splakes and brook trout and using mayfly wigglers, splakes, maggots & waxworms.’
    • ‘Like the lake trout, most of splake were caught while swimming just below the ice.’
    • ‘Some doubters hold that it, too, must have been a splake instead of a brook trout.’


1950s blend of speckled and lake.