Meaning of split-brain in English:



  • Having the corpus callosum severed or absent, so as to eliminate the main connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

    ‘in split-brain patients it has been shown that the left hemisphere retains language function, the right does not’
    • ‘In a study involving split-brain patients, it was shown that only the left hemisphere is efficient in producing voluntary facial expressions.’
    • ‘In the present paper, we use competing-task paradigms in participants with intact brains to corroborate the previous findings with split-brain patients.’
    • ‘For example, a picture of a snow scene was presented (from the left field of vision) to the right hemisphere of a split-brain patient.’
    • ‘Imagine, then, that two different pictures are presented to the two hemispheres of a split-brain patient.’
    • ‘The patients with unilateral cortical damage replicated the findings with the split-brain patients.’