Meaning of splosh in English:



informal no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Make a soft splashing sound as one moves.

    ‘he sploshed across the road’
    • ‘And, next I knew, he was donning his outdoor boots and slipping out of the door to carry out a wild summer night dance, sploshing along a crunchy path of snails and over a slimy carpet of slugs.’
    • ‘For the best chance of sport pick a balmy night and fish long into the early hours when the biggest fish can be heard sploshing in the darkness.’
    • ‘She stomped out into the mud, splishing and sploshing.’
    • ‘Vice slipped his hood on and stared down at his feet sploshing in muddy puddles.’
    spot, mark, stain, dot, speckle, bespeckle, freckle, stipple, stud, bestud, blotch, mottle, smudge, streak, splash, spatter, bespatter, scatter, sprinkle


  • 1informal A soft splashing sound.

    ‘a quiet splosh’
    • ‘Soon we'll be mooring up in a secluded creek where we'll drink champagne to the soothing sounds of water clucking against boat and the occasional splosh of a jumping fish.’
    • ‘And then you surface with a splosh and for a few brief seconds, everything's still blurry as you blink the water from your eyes.’
    • ‘And if I ever fall off a cliff it will be a cry of ‘aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ before the inevitable splosh or splat.’
    • ‘Another tear dropped into the water with a splosh.’
    • ‘One minute you are on a pleasant nature ramble, and the next - splosh!’
    • ‘I just barely managed to throw my mother the phone when the previously eaten food made its bid for freedom and escaped in a loud gushing, splosh.’
    • ‘A tear slowly fell from my face and landed splosh onto the picture.’
    1. 1.1A splash of liquid.
      ‘ sploshes of wine’
      • ‘Add the stock and two or three sploshes of Worcester Sauce, mixing all the while, bring to a gentle boil, and cook until the sauce begins to reduce.’
      • ‘A blue worm threading its way through sploshes of paint leaves me cold.’
      • ‘Okay, so I survive on instant with a splosh of semi-skimmed and a chemical sweetener, but I'm sure I would appreciate the finer qualities of real coffee if only someone would come round to my house every hour on the hour and make me a cup.’
      • ‘Undeterred by the stubborn green tomatoes, Samuel has chopped them into chunks and fried them in oil, garlic and chillies with a splosh of sweet Spanish vinegar.’
      spot, blob, dab, daub, smudge, smear, speck, speckle, fleck, patch, pop
  • 2informal, dated mass noun Money.

    ‘intentions need a bit of splosh to back them up’
    cash, hard cash, ready money


Mid 19th century imitative.