Meaning of splurge in English:



  • 1An act of spending money freely or extravagantly.

    ‘the annual pre-Christmas splurge’
    • ‘That was a first-night splurge with friends, but most of the food we'll eat will be simple and as authentic as possible and that usually means inexpensive.’
    • ‘Founded in 1947, the retailer went on one of the biggest expansion splurges in fashion history between 1999 and 2002, more than doubling its turnover and opening over 300 new shops.’
    • ‘Stainless steel appliances and granite work surfaces - further examples of the Woods' strategic splurges - amplify the room's congenial personality.’
    • ‘I can hold back on splurges when shopping anywhere, but the restrain only lasts so long, and if I'm shopping alone then it lasts hardly at all.’
    • ‘The big splurges were the adjustable-height light fixtures from Germany and the nickel-plated faucet.’
    • ‘Around half of us make a habit of running up huge credit card bills so why not make the most of shopping splurges and pay using a credit card linked to a charity of your choice?’
    • ‘You also get the impression that these new shoes are something of a splurge for Gilbert, who puts them on right away (the shoes become a more important motif later in the film).’
    • ‘Today's belt-tightening has taught execs that they can get a lot more out of their equipment than they had been getting, so spending splurges are unlikely until they see the end of such gains.’
    • ‘This is the place to go for the mother of all splurges.’
    1. 1.1A large or excessive amount of something.
      ‘there has recently been a splurge of teach-yourself books’
      • ‘His recent cuttings files have, lest we forget, taken in two splurges of coverage that only heightened the sense of smouldering hostility.’
      bout, excess, surfeit, overindulgence, overconsumption


[with object]informal
  • Spend (money) freely or extravagantly.

    ‘I'd splurged about £2,500 on clothes’
    no object ‘we splurged on T-bone steaks’
    • ‘But apparently the owner, Miranda Normandy, is like this centillionaire who doesn't mind splurging her money on the boarding school.’
    • ‘If you need to track your spending for a while to see where you're splurging money, do so - but this isn't vital.’
    • ‘With their futures seemingly secure, many young and mid-career workers took on big debts as they splurged on expensive houses, cars, and vacations.’
    • ‘And just as important, she's managed to stay solo for all that time, when many with her income might have splurged on an employee to handle the headaches.’
    • ‘Since the second half of 1998, we've borrowed, coincidentally, another £187 billion against our homes, which we then splurged on high living!’
    • ‘Have you splurged on anything since you became the website representative?’
    • ‘Rice was €2 per portion and so we splurged on some coconut rice for €2.55, but there was no discernible coconut flavour for the extra 55 cents.’
    • ‘Just before Xmas, I splurged on a couple of laptops for me and my significant other to play games together and price-wise, they weren't too expensive.’
    • ‘She kept all the company's records on paper until 1998, when they splurged on their first computer.’
    • ‘What we didn't know was that the company had splurged on an open bar and a ton of delicious food for everyone.’
    • ‘But he finally splurged this spring on a weekend place in South Dartmouth, Mass., and this summer decided to take Fridays off.’
    • ‘‘That is why it splurges millions of taxpayers' money on consultants every year to tell it what to do,’ he said.’
    • ‘Of course, once you've chopped your premiums, what could happen is that the money you've saved gets absorbed into your household expenses, or splurged on trivial spending.’
    • ‘While most art institutions are pinching pennies these days, the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently splurged on an Italian masterpiece.’
    • ‘He recently splurged on a sporty Mercedes convertible.’
    • ‘Thanks to a combination of falling unemployment and interest-free credit options, Argentines are splurging on everything from new homes to cars to refrigerators.’
    • ‘My first night away from home I splurged and checked into this swanky hotel downtown, where everything seemed to be covered in plush red velvet.’
    • ‘Now, they're ready to relax and splurge on luxury cars, jewelry, cruises and the trips they've always wanted.’
    • ‘Therefore, if you use a fee-charging ATM twice a week, you're splurging £130 or more every year.’
    • ‘Yet, you are splurging like you are a millionaire.’
    pay out, lay out, expend, disburse


Early 19th century (originally US): probably imitative.