Meaning of splurt in English:



  • 1A sudden gush of liquid.

    ‘In a splurt of blood, the battle was suddenly over.’
    1. 1.1A sudden brief outburst of something.
      ‘I let out a splurt of laughter’
      outburst, burst, eruption, flare-up, explosion, outbreak, blow-up


[with object]informal
  • Push out with force; spit out.

    ‘the rear wheels splurted gravel’
    • ‘Now, as they're both house trained this shouldn't provide too much of a problem, except that they both seem to have developed a habit of perching on the side of their litter tray, and splurting their ‘goodness’ over the edge.’
    • ‘He was splurting some inane fact about cricket pads.’
    • ‘The shelf in the bathroom was littered with tins of hair spray, styling mousse, shampoo and conditioner, blobs of each of which had been splurted onto every available surface.’
    • ‘LiveJournal is being very mysterious: it's once again not syndicated anything from here for days, and now it's suddenly splurted out several days of posts at once.’
    • ‘The former lead singer for the band was splurting out an insult to a goth girl in her audience for being a goth.’
    • ‘‘I didn't know you had a taste for wine, Angelina,’ I finally splurted out, trying to sound as smooth as I could.’
    • ‘I occasionally have a whiz round with the Hoover and splurt a bit of cleaning fluid down the loo, but aside from that I don't have much to do apart from opening the post and giving the odd guitar lesson.’
    • ‘In one swift movement Carver plunged the knife forward and embedded it in David's eye, splurting blood across the cliff wall.’


Late 18th century imitative.