Meaning of spoiler alert in English:

spoiler alert

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  • (in a discussion or review of a film, book, television drama, etc.) a warning that an important detail of the plot development is about to be revealed.

    ‘the third season ended (spoiler alert if you don't want to know) with the intervention of a ‘lady in red’’
    • ‘Spoiler Alert: The following article reveals details of the movie's plot, including its conclusion.’
    • ‘SPOILER ALERT: I am about to give away the ending.’
    • ‘WARNING: Small spoiler alert for this post, big spoiler alert for the comments.’
    • ‘I guess I should've put a "Spoiler Alert" at the top of this review.’
    • ‘Spoiler Alert: This review assumes that the reader is familiar with the story of King Kong, including the ending.’
    • ‘The climactic twist in the movie [spoiler alert] is that the person who was helping the police to find the "devil" was actually the devil himself!’
    • ‘Spoiler alert: he becomes Henry V.’
    • ‘(Friends and family spoiler alert: don't read further if you like a surprise on the 25th.)’
    • ‘At the end (spoiler alert), we find the suspect he'd framed on a hunch has confessed, so he was right all along, even if his methods stink.’