Meaning of sponsored content in English:

sponsored content


mass noun
  • Material in an online publication which resembles the publication's editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser's product.

    ‘publications are still grappling with how to mark what is sponsored content and what is not’
    • ‘He says there are several natural checks and balances that keep sponsored content unbiased.’
    • ‘We've come out from the content side of the business so we have an understanding that enhanced content and sponsored content will be a big business.’
    • ‘The social internet is made up of small brands using the same old tired incentive tactics, sponsored content, and scams.’
    • ‘The pitch to advertisers offers the opportunity to create sponsored content posts.’
    • ‘The natural tendency of many SEO professionals is to think of sponsored content purely as link building.’
    • ‘Just 38 percent of users felt that the sponsored content added value to their Web experiences.’
    • ‘We receive invitations to write sponsored content and use our theme to guide these pitches.’
    • ‘I don't read many travel blogs anymore since there's often too much sponsored content and I find them bland.’
    • ‘Some media experts say balancing a mix of serious stories with sponsored content can be difficult.’
    • ‘A friend of his bought a house through a real estate agent who wrote sponsored content for the site.’