Meaning of sprauncy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsprɔːnsi/

adjectiveadjective sprauncier, adjective spraunciest

informal British
  • Smart or showy in appearance.

    • ‘a sprauncy little street’
    • ‘At the bottom was an unmanned reception desk in front of a curtain, through which a sprauncy dining room could be glimpsed.’
    • ‘The result is a sprauncy new shower, which I totally love and which didn't cost me weeks of brain ache.’
    • ‘She had money in her pocket, but security guards at this sprauncy venue plainly did not like the look of her.’
    • ‘As the number of files grew I drafted in the support of the genius behind my web site, and he started delivering the sprauncy graphics that make up the operating system.’
    • ‘My father is second from the left, next to the guy with the sprauncy tie.’
    • ‘While I was walking my dog in Chelsea yesterday I happened across a van parked outside quite a sprauncy house on the side of which it said ‘CG Scrubbers’!’
    • ‘I reflect how, last week, I asked for salt to correct an underseasoned steak in this sprauncy new joint in London's West End.’
    • ‘The abbey gardens always look fantastic, but to coincide with the tower celebrations the current display looks particularly sprauncy.’
    • ‘But the best thing was the way they made you feel - not feminine, or glamorous - but sprauncy, neat, trim (the Lycra helped here) and ready for action.’
    • ‘My wife accompanied her on a shopping trip in her Cadillac to a sprauncy West Palm Beach shopping mall while I was interviewing him.’
    • ‘The sprauncy part of the operation is the Premiere Dining Room.’
    smart, stylish, upmarket, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, select, sumptuous, opulent, lavish, grand, rich, elegant, ornate, ostentatious, showy


1950s perhaps related to dialect sprouncey ‘cheerful’.