Meaning of spread like wildfire in English:

spread like wildfire


  • Spread with great speed.

    ‘the news had spread like wildfire’
    • ‘Normally such riots on such an emotive issue would spread like wildfire across the country.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's word of mouth, playground chat that spreads like wildfire.’
    • ‘If they come across something good, word of mouth spreads like wildfire.’
    • ‘Experts say it spreads like wildfire with schools, nursing homes, hospitals and work places expected to be particularly badly hit.’
    • ‘This group relies heavily on word-of-mouth to decide where to go next - and the word spreads like wildfire.’
    • ‘As odd as it might seem, the idea catches on and spreads like wildfire.’
    • ‘Sushi joints have been spreading like wildfire over the past few years, usurping the spots where short-lived soup and noodle places once stood and almost hoisting maki and sashimi into food-group status.’
    • ‘China won't fully open its financial markets until the global community comes up with a workable mechanism that can contain financial disasters and prevent them from spreading like wildfire.’
    • ‘Distance learning is spreading like wildfire.’
    • ‘Although the internet has dominated the discussion and study of new technologies, mobile telephony is the innovation that seems to be spreading like wildfire around the globe.’
    grow unchecked, grow profusely, run riot, spread like wildfire, ramble, straggle