Meaning of spread oneself too thin in English:

spread oneself too thin


  • Be involved in so many different activities that one's time and energy are not used to good effect.

    ‘As awesome as it is to be the girl who does it all, spreading yourself too thin will only leave you overstressed and underproductive.’
    • ‘Sadly, even Jones realised you can spread yourself too thin, often leading to poor choices.’
    • ‘But it can't do that effectively if it spread itself too thin.’
    • ‘Do you worry about spreading yourself too thin?’
    • ‘If morale and motivation are poor, consider the possibility that you are simply spreading yourself too thin.’
    • ‘Both have formed partnerships with larger companies in order to take on big projects without spreading themselves too thin.’
    • ‘We were able to meet the needs of a customer without bringing on more employees, spreading ourselves too thin or charging too much.’
    • ‘But I'm reading scripts all the time, because it is something that I would like to do, but I'm aware of spreading myself too thin.’
    • ‘My colleagues sense this struggle, and often caution me about spreading myself too thin.’
    • ‘There is a sense of having spread ourselves too thin.’