Meaning of spreader in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsprɛdə/

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  • 1A device used for spreading or scattering a substance over a wide area.

    ‘a fertilizer spreader’
    • ‘They mix them with soil and distribute them with a device similar to a fertilizer spreader.’
    • ‘Some producers are also having success with seeding legumes through dry fertilizer air spreaders, with cultipacking before and after the seed is broadcast.’
    • ‘However, some 6-row combines have 10 tons on the front axle with a full grain tank and tricycle fertilizer spreaders may carry 14 tons on the rear axle.’
    • ‘I'm usually quick to pick up weed problems and troubles with a fertilizer spreader quick enough to rescue a field.’
    • ‘He said the equipment to be demonstrated includes disc harrows, lime spreaders and chisel ploughs among others.’
    • ‘In the past year alone, the cooperative has purchased an air-flow dry fertilizer spreader, a field sprayer, a fork lift, a skid loader and two pickup trucks - all new.’
    • ‘Keep all guards and safety shields in place on pumps, around pump hoppers, on manure spreaders, tank wagons, power units, etc.’
    • ‘This figure doesn't include the cost of a lawn mower, fertilizer spreader, watering equipment or the labor to service the lawn.’
    • ‘They can be effectively applied on clean walkways by using a simple push-type Scott's fertilizer spreader.’
    • ‘Then, after the fungi have had time to multiply, farmers would apply the colonized soil in manure spreaders along with their compost.’
    • ‘To spread compost in the vineyard, Roth recommends a wet-lime spreader, which many growers already have.’
    • ‘This systemic aquatic herbicide is easily applied using a cyclone-type spreader.’
    • ‘Because the fertilizer doesn't see the light of day from the time it is unloaded until it is loaded onto spreaders or tenders, both dust and spillage are virtually eliminated.’
    • ‘Most years this system seems to work great since the fields are firmer and can take the traffic of the manure spreader better and I have less competition for my time from other field operations.’
    • ‘A key factor in the design of any liquid-storage structure is provision for agitating the waste prior to irrigating or loading the tank spreader.’
    • ‘When we put an operator into a sprayer or spreader at the beginning of the season, that's his machine for the rest of the year.’
    • ‘It's cheaper to disk my 2000 acres than to buy a straw chopper and chaff spreader for my combine.’
    • ‘About six years ago, I was doing all of my manure spreading with an old New Holland 510 box spreader.’
    • ‘Manure can be spread as a solid or semi-solid in a box or flail spreader.’
    • ‘A conventional box spreader is used for land application of sheep manure.’
    1. 1.1A plant that grows over a wide area.
    2. 1.2A bar attached to the mast of a yacht in order to spread the angle of the upper shrouds.
  • 2A person who spreads or disseminates something.

    ‘kids are the biggest spreaders of the virus’
    • ‘Go to the trend spreaders and plant yourself intelligently on their radar.’
    • ‘They also sought to tap into public discourse about hackers as copyright pirates, criminals, and spreaders of computer viruses.’
    • ‘And yet another yes - I am the rumour-gatherer and spreader of my school.’