Meaning of spreadsheet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsprɛdʃiːt/

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  • 1An electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

    ‘we have a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses’
    • ‘William spent most of the day updating the Risk Assessment spreadsheet’
    • ‘If the company has neither increased nor decreased its dividend in the current or preceding year, that cell is left blank in the spreadsheet.’
    • ‘The following 4 tables summarise the results from the spreadsheets.’
    • ‘"I can only assume," Perkins added, " there is a mistake in one of his spreadsheets.’
    • ‘After each student completed the survey, the responses were automatically downloaded into a spreadsheet.’
    • ‘Create a spreadsheet of the costs involved in getting your project off the ground.’
    • ‘I read the contract and created a little Excel spreadsheet to see what the different box-office totals meant to me.’
    • ‘He put the results into a database and produced spreadsheets that were shared with applications administrators.’
    • ‘Many financial planners use Excel and Word to create spreadsheets and documents that address specific financial planning issues.’
    • ‘I got my finances in order by using Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet of my monthly income and expenses.’
    • ‘"I always thought of renting space for my business," she says, "but Kenny kept showing me spreadsheets, demonstrating the advantages of buying."’
    • ‘We keep spreadsheets of which software is installed on what systems to make sure we don't install more copies of any software than we own.’
    • ‘A good office suite allows you to create documents and spreadsheets, produce marketing materials, manage email and contacts, and much more.’
    • ‘I have a big spreadsheet where I keep track of what's going on.’
    • ‘On his computer, St. Jean keeps a spreadsheet of every player's salary and other basic information.’
    • ‘For the last month, I have been planning my car travel more carefully, and keeping a detailed spreadsheet of journeys to see how much I genuinely use it.’
    • ‘For the insurance claim, they had to compile exhaustive spreadsheets of their possessions, right down to how many white T-shirts were in a bureau drawer.’
    • ‘Melissa has put together a spreadsheet of our favorite girl's names.’
    • ‘I supplied several spreadsheets of actual and estimated costs, along with explanations running to about two thousand words.’
    • ‘Police prepared spreadsheets of crime in the area which, they said, proved the pub was a magnet for trouble, particularly late at night.’
    • ‘When the changes had been made, I printed a off copy of the spreadsheet for Mr Simons.’
    1. 1.1A computer program used to create and manipulate spreadsheets.
      ‘Many students sent us graphs prepared with computer spreadsheet programs.’
      • ‘Once prepared, the file can be transferred to and used on any computer with the spreadsheet program.’
      • ‘The first step is to stop using word processors and spreadsheets to manipulate and organize information.’
      • ‘PC applications, representing the second generation of FM technology, were initially built around office automation software such as spreadsheets or databases.’
      • ‘You should then be able to open your spreadsheet program, browse to the file, and open it.’
      • ‘An Excel spreadsheet or an Access database can be used to catalog the archives' contents and whereabouts.’