Meaning of spree killer in English:

spree killer


  • A person who kills a number of people at one particular time and location in a frenzied, random, and apparently unpremeditated way.

    ‘the last three spree killers in Britain all held legal gun licenses’
    • ‘The sniper terrorizing suburban Washington, D.C. has alternately been referred to in the press as a serial killer and a spree killer.’
    • ‘Well, I want to say, Larry, first of all, this is what makes him a serial killer and not a spree killer, first of all.’
    • ‘He's a spree killer, a mass killer or serial killer.’
    • ‘A spree killer, as I say, is usually directional, and he may go through an area just shooting people, anybody who he can find as he is moving along and doesn't really know the area at all.’
    • ‘He has interviewed spree killers, he is chairman of the Forensic Panel and developer of the depravity scale, an effort to provide a standard forensic definition of evil.’