Meaning of spring beauty in English:

spring beauty


  • A spring-flowering succulent plant.

    Genera Claytonia and Montia, family Portulacaceae: several species, in particular the American M. perfoliata, naturalized in Britain, and C. virginica, sometimes cultivated as an ornamental

    ‘An entry the following spring simply listed the wildflowers she saw: ‘Anemones, carpet pinks, saxifrages, buttercup, spring beauty.’’
    • ‘The roadsides sparkled with coreopsis, crimson clover, vetch, spring beauties, and other gem-like blooms.’
    • ‘In early spring, the park is blanketed with wildflowers, including violets, may apples, spring beauties, and lady's slipper orchids.’
    • ‘These spring beauties are one of the most popular landscape shrubs to grace southern gardens.’