Meaning of spring chicken in English:

spring chicken

Pronunciation /ˌsprɪŋ ˈtʃɪk(ɪ)n/

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  • 1 informal usually with negative A young person.

    • ‘you're no spring chicken yourself any more’
    • ‘I'm no spring chicken any more but I feel fit as a fiddle.’
    • ‘But in the past week, just about everything I have done has left me feeling middle-aged and I have finally had to admit to myself that I am no spring chicken.’
    • ‘He wasn't old, but he was no spring chicken either.’
    • ‘At 34, he's no spring chicken, which means he has to train even harder in order to medal at the Olympic Winter Games.’
    • ‘She must've been in at least her mid-forties, she was no spring chicken, but she looked good for her age, if you were into that sort of thing.’
  • 2A young chicken for eating (originally available only in spring).

    ‘The waitress consulted with a chef and said: ‘It's not free-range, but it's a spring chicken.’’
    • ‘For mains, Madame had the spring chicken with fries, while I went for the more traditional schnitzel.’
    • ‘In Christian Europe, the slaughter was the beginning of the feasting season, which lasted until Lent - the fasting season - which ended with spring chicken and lamb and the first edible greens.’
    • ‘Team these with biryani, curried shrimp noodles, fried rice in roasted chilli paste, and grilled spring chicken.’
    • ‘The menu consisted of smoked trout, spring chicken, and strawberries and cream, ending with a serving of the Yorkshire cheese, Wensleydale.’