Meaning of spurred in English:


Pronunciation /spəːd/


  • 1(of a rider or their boots) having a spiked device on the heels for urging a horse forward.

    ‘two young men appeared booted and spurred’
    • ‘the clank of spurred boots’
    • ‘He's standing on the corner in spurred cowboy boots and a hand-painted Stetson, just a-strumming and a-singing.’
    • ‘Many horses are dangerous to a spurred rider until they have been trained.’
    • ‘The children were eternally running to meet a spurred horseman.’
    • ‘They wore dark blue breeches and spurred riding boots.’
    • ‘The wooden sidewalks suddenly overflowed with clogs, sabots, and other, spurred footwear.’
    1. 1.1(especially of the legs of a game bird) having a horny spike or pointed growth, used in fighting.
      ‘a lone gamecock stood propped on stiff spurred legs by one corner’
      • ‘The first hen was large and good, and the second was a fair spurred bird.’
      • ‘Among the multiple-spurred birds, there is often a different number of spurs on the two legs, as is, indeed, the case with this species.’
      • ‘Table 9 shows the number of spurred species in various families and subfamilies of gallinaceous birds.’
      • ‘Celebrated for their large, full, bold, black eyes, long and strong beaks, and very hard breasts, they are also noted for their spurred hens.’
      • ‘She glimpsed a spurred fin on its back and a ridged tail before it vanished into the hole dug by its claws.’
    2. 1.2Botany (of a flower) having a slender tubular projection from the base, typically containing nectar.
      ‘the spurred flowers are 15mm in diameter’
      • ‘There are five petals, and the basal petals are spurred.’
      • ‘Its spurred blossoms come in shades of pumpkin, peachy rose, gold, ruby, and pale lemon.’
      • ‘The plant is compact and deciduous, with rich bronze-red in both new and autumn leaves, and spurred white flowers like little bells.’
      • ‘These columbines have bell-shaped flowers, spurred petals, and self-coloured tepals.’
      • ‘The spurred perianth leaf is a secondary structure.’