Meaning of square go in English:

square go


  • An unarmed brawl.

    ‘I would not rate Begbie that highly in a square go, without his assortment of stanley knives’
    • ‘There was one wee altercation but no Glasgow wedding would be complete without a square go in the arboretum.’
    • ‘But there were widespread reports last week that the Parliament minister had invited Mr Kerr outside for a square go.’
    • ‘But then team-mates Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer, had a spectacular square go on the field and Lauren Robert and Craig Bellamy went walkabout.’
    • ‘The problem is that, while baffling his opponents with his refusal to put up his fists and indulge in a square go, he has also bemused the voters.’
    • ‘Acting on his own initiative, he offered to settle any differences between the Diary and his union via a square go.’
    brawl, fracas, melee, row, rumpus, confrontation, skirmish, sparring match, exchange, struggle, tussle, scuffle, altercation, wrangle, scrum, clash, disturbance