Meaning of squee in English:


Pronunciation /skwiː/


  • Used to express great delight or excitement.

    • ‘Got a photo with him and he signed my book. Squee!’
    • ‘He's showing up next week; squee!’
    • ‘So now we've got that out of the way: Squee!’
    • ‘I was excited as anything to see Dragon's comment above - squee!’
    • ‘She's considering recording a new album (double squee) and feels it would be easier to do so if she were permanently in one place for a while.’
    • ‘The concept is pretty much taken straight from my daydreams and it focuses on a librarian (squee!).’
    • ‘Btw- my wonderful brother gave me your Cookbook for Christmas - squee!’
    • ‘At least the misery is lessened a bit by the kitten picture (SQUEE!).’
    • ‘Here's the NASA TV link (I get to ask the very first question, squee!)’
    • ‘Squee! Received very nice email from a favorite author!’
    • ‘FYI - I'll be in Dublin, Ireland (squee!) between Jan 25 and 31, so I'll be offline.’
    • ‘Squee! Check out this kitty!’

verbverb squees, verb squeeing, verb squeed

[no object] informal
  • Squeal in delight or excitement.

    • ‘I squeed like a 14-year-old fangirl when I found out’
    • ‘Not an easy feat but one rewarded with much happy squeeing!’
    • ‘The sister just ran into my room, clapped me on the face, and ran out again squeeing.’
    • ‘Much to my own surprise I actually squeed a little and then got all excited.’
    • ‘I squeed with pleasure.’
    • ‘I squeed so much the cat looked alarmed.’
    • ‘Oh lordy, I kind of squeed when the theme music played.’
    • ‘We squeed in delight, because it's the show that we always dreamed about when we watched TV back in 2005.’
    • ‘Videos of celebrities on Sesame Street never cease to make me squee.’
    • ‘Discovering this festival actually made me squee in delight.’
    • ‘This case is classy enough for the board room and geeky enough to make your convention contacts squee gleefully.’
    • ‘Quality fanfic that makes me fall in love with the characters all over again, makes me squee and giggle and email everyone I can think of who'd like it too.’
    • ‘Hendrix knows how to make a film fan squee with joy with a synopsis.’
    • ‘I've been reading your lovely blog for years, and I may have dropped a comment or two in the past (probably to squee about "Gavin and Stacey" or contribute to lengthy mascara debates).’
    • ‘Those chairs are there for moms and bridesmaids to sit on and SQUEE when the bride-to-be emerges from the dressing room.’


  • A cry of delight or excitement.

    • ‘if they hadn't been in a meeting she would have let out a squee of delight’
    • ‘There we were waiting for the 45-minute gig - insert squee here - when they broke the bad news to us: Barrowman was going to do the questioning.’
    • ‘The Making of Mama Mia is a three-part featurette including an interview with head Abba lyricist Bjorn Ulvaeus (cue Mindy squee).’
    • ‘I had a giant squee reaction to both of my countries of citizenship getting something right in the same week.’
    • ‘One half says: 'Oooh, another Star Wars movie' with a 'squee', the other is cynical and a little bit fearful of more damage to a respected brand.’
    • ‘I can keep my girlish squees to a minimum.’
    • ‘Everyone loved his first episode for Doctor Who and when word leaked he was writing another one, the squees pretty much deafened me.’


Mid 19th century (representing a high-pitched sound made by an animal or musical instrument): imitative. Compare squeal and squeak.