Meaning of squelchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskwɛltʃi/

adjectiveadjective squelchier, adjective squelchiest

See squelch

‘Picture this: it's a bright and sunny day, you're walking along, you feel good, you take in deep breaths of fresh air, you admire the sky's cloud formations, you suddenly feel a soft squelchy sensation underfoot…’
  • ‘Referee Hugh Dallas was ‘90 per cent sure’ he would have to call off the encounter when a mid-afternoon downpour that lasted an hour left the pitch looking squelchy come four o'clock.’
  • ‘And when you walked on the bathroom floor it was soaked through and squelchy with pee.’
  • ‘Ellie said: ‘We have picnics in the summer and muddy squelchy worm hunts in the winter.’’
  • ‘One of the first places I remember stopping off for breakfast was at a waffle house in Biloxi, a squelchy, sweltering part of Mississippi, where the ocean is black and red and yellow and warm as bathwater.’