Meaning of squillion in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskwɪljən/

cardinal numbersquillions, squillion with numeral

  • An indefinite very large number.

    • ‘ squillions of pounds’
    • ‘Everywhere you look there are huge, precarious boulders, left behind squillions of years ago by forgetful glaciers, their loss being our gain, and you can scramble about to your heart's content.’
    • ‘The scene is a ludicrously expensive suite at Salford's Lowry Hotel, the kind of place record companies only book bands into after they've sold squillions of records, like New Order.’
    • ‘It swallowed up literally squillions of taxpayers' money - much of it to turn out motor cars that nobody wanted to buy.’
    • ‘He gives squillions, but from his hypersquillions, it's unlikely he even notices.’
    • ‘I'm getting about a squillion hits every day from Oasis fans looking for the track listing on ‘Heathen Chemistry’.’
    • ‘Working in a sporting environment and having Mr Wann explain the rules a squillion times has still not enamoured me to the game.’
    • ‘Afterwards, I felt inclined towards vast squillions of veggies, so today I have three carrots' worth of carrot, a large handful of celery, tomatoes, cucumber, and a little feta for extra yum.’
    • ‘But for a development that must be costing squillions of renminbi, we're wondering why they didn't fork out an extra 100 kuai for a better translation of their PR spiel.’
    • ‘You may know that I'm the youngest of seven kids, and that I have squillions of nephews and nieces, who range in age from 5 to 26.’
    • ‘There's squillions of charity shops in Edinburgh, and they all seem to have a copy of Naomi Campbell's Swan on their bookstands.’
    • ‘After 25 years covering squillions of very similar speeches, you will forgive me for being a trifle sceptical.’
    • ‘Getting it ‘right first time’ saves squillions in rework and all the disruption that goes with it.’
    • ‘They had the idea that they could release one movie every holiday season for seven years and make squillions of dollars each time.’
    • ‘I say it only partly because I realise that his influence over the eating habits of the nation exceeds mine by a factor of squillions.’
    • ‘You pay us some money and we'll send your message to squillions of people.’
    • ‘The chances of that happening just randomly are a squillion to one.’
    • ‘If the number of people who have taken the medication is squillions, while the number of catastrophic side effects can be counted on the fingers of one hand, what is the likelihood of getting an adverse effect?’
    • ‘The amount of money involved there was squillions.’
    • ‘Well, now it's six months later - that's about approximately a squillion years on the internet - and we're looking to update and refresh the list to keep it up to date.’
    • ‘I went and got my laptop a squillion bytes of RAM.’


1940s fanciful formation on the pattern of billion and trillion.