Meaning of squiz in English:


Pronunciation /skwɪz/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A look or glance.

    • ‘take a squiz out that window’
    • ‘In fact, having a squiz at David's site has convinced me to have a go at formatting this via CSS rather than through tables.’
    • ‘A quick squiz at today's Australian will show you why.’
    • ‘What caught me unawares this morning was a brief squiz at The Australian online.’
    • ‘The fact that traffic was actually slowing down to take a squiz wasn't helping either.’
    • ‘Well, she's the version of Samantha's sister (can't for the life of me remember the name, and I can't be bothered getting up to walk to my room and taking a squiz at the book).’
    • ‘We figure that we might cut them some slack in this last week… at least until we get a squiz of our end of year results.’
    • ‘I then went over to Margaret and Fraka's tent and said a quick hello and told them I was ‘just going over for a quick squiz at the rocks and wouldn't be very long.’’
    • ‘Hold it up high Rex, so everyone can get a quick squiz.’
    • ‘Then we discovered that when the Auditor-General went in there to have a squiz, the officials did not even know whom they had been giving it to.’
    • ‘It all started when one day, he popped in to a local gym for a bit of a squiz.’
    glance, observation, view, examination, study, inspection, scan, survey, sight, peep, peek, glimpse, gaze, stare, gape, ogle


[with object] informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Look or glance at.

    • ‘the mechanic squizzed the plane's cargo’
    • ‘Also, Morag kindly squizzed over my script with me last night and I feel so much happier with the dialogue write-up, now.’
    • ‘I know Canaan was the son of Ham - I was squizzing though Genesis before my 2 year old woke up and can't get any further while he's awake… waaay past his bed-time.’
    • ‘After squizzing a 4’ nurse shark, we returned to the dinghy and motored over to check out another spot.’
    take a quick look, look quickly, look briefly, peek, peep


Early 20th century probably a blend of quiz and squint.