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stag night


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  • 1British A celebration held for a man shortly before his wedding, attended by his male friends only.

    ‘The comedy is set around a stag night, a wedding reception, three pubs and a drunken priest with lots of music, memorabilia and fashion from the era.’
    • ‘You might get married one day and want to have a stag night.’
    • ‘A bridegroom-to-be was among six men injured on a stag night out when a mini bus crashed on a moorland road.’
    • ‘Not necessarily a guy you'd want making the best man's speech at your wedding, but he'd still be topping the guest list on the stag night.’
    • ‘We coordinate weddings from the engagement through to the stag night, the ceremony and the reception.’
    • ‘The adventure surrounds the wedding - including of course the stag night - here organised by Stifler.’
    • ‘Seemingly in preparation for my impending stag night, my brother has today been out and purchased some traffic cones.’
    • ‘Adrian Sparrow, the recently married Captain of the Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club came up with a sterling idea of having his stag night as a Rugby trip to Phuket.’
    • ‘Jim lets Dennis believe that his stag night will consist of a curry and some man to man marital advice.’
    • ‘One tells how he jilted his fiancée after a peculiarly hectic stag night; another recalls how his boozy father pretended his wife had left him in order to take the kids on a free-spending binge.’
    • ‘But there had been an early omen that the couple were pushing their luck - Scott, 31, was trampled by a bull on his stag night in Pamplona, Spain on July 13.’
    • ‘After finally popping the question we follow Riley through a series of pre-nuptial trials and tribulations from a nightmarish meeting with the prospective in-laws to a beery stag night with his footy mates.’
    • ‘A mate of mine will be married soon, which means that on Saturday he was having a stag night, preceded by some paintball shooting in the woods.’
    • ‘Thanks to a payment from JJ, the lads have enough money to make plans for Ta's (Ciaran McMenamin) wedding transport and to go on a stag night.’
    • ‘He claimed that he felt better later and decided to join friends and family for the stag night.’
    • ‘It's like a three-day stag night - without having to listen to the groom's anecdotes about his interesting past.’
    • ‘A bridegroom who exploded a firework in a crowded station takeaway on his stag night was fined £550.’
    • ‘Boxer Lee Whitehead is having a fight on his stag night - and the bride-to-be doesn't know about it yet!’
    • ‘The bridegroom at that wedding, he said, was his best pal from university who had neglected to invite him on the stag night.’
    • ‘A couple were forced to cancel their dream wedding in Las Vegas after the groom was brutally attacked on his stag night.’
    1. 1.1North American Any party attended by men only.
      ‘There were hundreds of people, line-ups to get in, and people were coming in for stag parties and birthday parties.’
      • ‘Hen or stag parties are also widely welcomed in many Blackpool hotels and some of them are even organizing themes events for you.’
      • ‘Having in the past catered for office weekends, hen and stag parties, and children's parties Fosseys are always open to new ideas.’
      • ‘A ticket to Moby's Edinburgh Hogmanay bash might be attainable, a stag night in Glasgow possible and a weekend at the Film Festival a ‘must’.’
      • ‘Golden Lion gaffer Stuart Weston is soon to swap his bar for a mini-bus when he takes ten of his regulars over to Morecambe for a stag night.’
      • ‘More than 3.3 million Britons will attend a hen or stag night this year according to Morgan Stanley bank.’
      • ‘Then I went back a few years ago with a girlfriend, and again last year on a stag night.’
      • ‘Liam stood in the middle of his dressing room, hung-over from a bad stag night the day before.’
      • ‘Finally, he was seen again on the streets of Savannah, shabby, unshaven, still looking handsome, like a law student after a stag night.’
      • ‘Frank enjoyed a stag night with ‘the lads’ on Thursday, while Edna joined up with her girlfriends.’