Meaning of stair in English:


Pronunciation /stɛː/

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usually stairs
  • 1A set of steps leading from one floor of a building to another, typically inside the building.

    ‘he came up the stairs’
    • ‘When she approached the second floor stair landing she heard rock music coming from the last room down the hall.’
    • ‘On her way down the stairs she felt inside her pocket to make sure she still had the keys.’
    • ‘I closed the door behind me and took the stairs down to the ground floor of the dorm building.’
    • ‘She walked around the ground level looking for the flight of stairs that led to the second floor.’
    • ‘The spiral stair inside the tower was damaged by rust and will be restored at a later stage.’
    • ‘He said he has a huge struggle to climb the six flights of stairs up to his flat on the second floor.’
    • ‘The front door opens to a foyer and stair hall, with the dining room on the left and the living room on the right.’
    • ‘The stair carpet is ready for renewal and I would like to repair the treads before re-carpeting.’
    • ‘She climbed up another set of stairs and found herself actually on top of the school building.’
    • ‘Toby made sure not to trip on any stairs while he climbed to the next floor of the house.’
    • ‘I wondered whether I should get out at the next floor and walk up the stairs to the canteen.’
    • ‘The rickety iron stairs ran up the side of the building to the third and fourth storeys.’
    • ‘The stairs are made from Douglas fir and all the internal floors are pitched pine.’
    • ‘Rhosyn stood up as well, and walked up the stairs that wound up to her large room on the second floor.’
    • ‘I had got to the top of the stairs and turned into the the landing, running along to our room.’
    • ‘He vaulted up the stairs two at a time, and knocked on the door twice before entering.’
    • ‘From inside he heard the creaking of floorboards as someone trudged down the stairs.’
    • ‘Use stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs and block rooms you don't want your toddler to get into.’
    • ‘He had come to the bottom of the stairs by now and now stood between her and the door.’
    • ‘The shoes were placed smartly at the bottom of the stairs on a rack and coats were hung beside the door.’
    1. 1.1A single step in a set of stairs.
      ‘the bottom stair’
      • ‘I sat down on the stairs, petted Cleo, leafed through my stack of mail piled in a mound on the bottom stair.’
      • ‘I stepped off the bottom stair and collapsed against the wall next to it, heaving a sigh of relief.’
      • ‘She sits on the bottom stair, clutching the note in her hand - eyes unseeing through the tears suspended on their surface.’
      • ‘Arrived home to find an affectionate kitty sitting on the bottom stair and a small pile of cat sick on the kitchen floor.’
      • ‘At the bottom stair, her feet kicked something firm but soft and nearly fell.’
      • ‘As soon as she hit a certain spot on the bottom stair, Tess made her way out.’
      • ‘She stopped on the bottom stair, now on the same level as Jason, who finally brought his eyes up to hers.’
      • ‘The redhead turned around on the bottom stair, and saw her mother walking out onto the porch for her.’
      • ‘I could see Adam sitting on the bottom stair, brushing his hair away from his eyes.’
      • ‘I stood at the bottom stair and looked around and smiled when I saw a familiar black hair.’
      • ‘I hadn't even reached the bottom stair though, when I heard my mom calling me from up in her room.’
      • ‘The entry stair at Yale lies at the bottom of a spatial well, formed by the recession of the blank wall.’
      • ‘Tyrhenae bit her bottom lip, as she held onto the stair above her for dear life.’
      • ‘He placed her on the second stair and stood at the bottom with his back to her, holding his bag in his hand.’
      • ‘And as his feet stepped off the last stair and hit the carpet, he was there, plain as day.’
      • ‘He stepped from the final stair, which led down a flight of stairs to the door, and could see endless sky.’
      • ‘It began soon after we'd sat down on the fire escape stairs, sitting in pairs on each succeeding stair.’
      • ‘Nearly tripping over the final stair to get away, River looked around the second floor.’
      • ‘As he stepped off the last creaking stair and onto the cold stone floor of the cellar, a shiver ran up his spine.’
      • ‘Tentatively I set it down on the next step up, the stair felt and looked like a mattress would under foot but it held firm and took my weight.’
      stair, tread, tread board


Old English stǣger, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch steiger ‘scaffolding’, from a base meaning ‘climb’.