Meaning of stamp duty in English:

stamp duty


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  • A duty levied on the legal recognition of certain documents.

    ‘There is confusion amongst consumers over whether the stamp duty is levied on the card or the account.’
    • ‘Letwin and Howard are more cautious, preferring targeted cuts in areas such as inheritance tax and stamp duty.’
    • ‘The same applies to inheritance tax and stamp duty, both of which are payable on the basis of the house price.’
    • ‘At a state government level, they have a windfall of stamp duty and land tax when there's a property boom.’
    • ‘This was followed by a reduction in income tax and stamp duty plus a higher tax on industry ‘fat cats’.’
    • ‘If stamp duty is paid to the Revenue Commissioners that wasn't owed, you are entitled to a full refund.’
    • ‘The government will benefit from capital gains tax and stamp duty on the sales.’
    • ‘No stamp duty is payable on the apartments and a fit-out package can be organised through Weir Design.’
    • ‘David Wilson Homes has agreed to pay the stamp duty and the five per cent deposit.’
    • ‘The main factors behind the high tax take are continued strong surges in capital gains taxes and stamp duty.’
    • ‘The company also paid the solicitors' fees and stamp duty on the transaction.’
    • ‘There is no stamp duty for owner occupiers, and investors can offset mortgage interest.’
    • ‘In ten years time, one in four homes will be eligible for stamp duty at the middle band of 3%.’
    • ‘Many first-time buyers were hoping the chancellor would raise the level at which stamp duty becomes payable.’
    • ‘Investors should bear in mind that although these are new homes, the tax incentives come with stamp duty attached.’
    • ‘The stamp duty on any property includes the cost of land and that of structure thereon.’
    • ‘The only other expenses you should have to pay is stamp duty and settling charges on the buying and selling of shares.’
    • ‘All of the houses at Highlands are exempt from stamp duty for owner-occupiers.’
    • ‘The state also gets in on the act here with a 1 per cent stamp duty charged on each transaction.’
    • ‘All of the houses qualify for the first-time buyer's grant and are exempt from stamp duty.’