Meaning of stand alone in English:

stand alone

phrasal verb

  • Be unequalled.

    ‘when it came to fun Fergus stood alone’
    • ‘In terms of deaths caused by one individual acting alone, he stands alone.’
    • ‘The television show stands alone with a unique place in the nation's heart.’
    • ‘But Malaysia stands alone among the airlines flying here to score a marvellous five stars for its economy class long haul seating.’
    • ‘This is a historic and momentous occasion in the life of this country and it is an event that stands alone.’
    • ‘In a largely stamina-based sport dominated by increasingly young swimmers, the 50m stands alone as an event where power is the key factor.’
    • ‘The clinic stands alone as being almost wholly independent of provincial scrutiny.’
    • ‘In a year that has yet again seen the world of comic books plundered by Hollywood for source material, one film stands alone.’
    • ‘It is a challenge that stands alone, a task that must be taken on without flinching or averting your attention.’
    unmatched, unrivalled, unparalleled, unequalled, matchless, peerless, without peer, without equal, in a class of its own, all-time best, inimitable, incomparable, beyond compare, beyond comparison, second to none, unsurpassable, surpassing, nonpareil