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stand up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Rise to one's feet.

    • ‘the two men stood up and shook hands’
    rise, rise to one's feet, get to one's feet, get up, straighten up, pick oneself up, find one's feet, be upstanding
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  • 2(of an argument, claim, evidence, etc.) remain valid after close scrutiny or analysis.

    ‘you need to have hard evidence that will stand up in court’
    • ‘the argument does not stand up to analysis’
    • ‘Whether the allegations against her will stand up in court remains to be seen.’
    • ‘He claimed they were for me, but I know for a fact that this wouldn't stand up in a court of law.’
    • ‘It was examined to see if the idea stood up and had integrity and financial credibility.’
    • ‘The question is whether, either in a court of law or in the mind of an objective observer, this defence stands up.’
    • ‘His account is rife with factual errors and fails to stand up to scrutiny.’
    • ‘Therefore the notion of supply/demand does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.’
    • ‘We are confident that our plan stands up to scrutiny and we remain committed to green energy projects.’
    • ‘However, not one of them stands up to even a modicum of scholarly scrutiny.’
    • ‘One's own morality only stands up to so much scrutiny before breaking down.’
    • ‘I am not suggesting that his arguments necessarily stood up to academic scrutiny.’
    be valid, remain valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable, be provable, ring true, be convincing
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  • 3stand someone up, stand up someone informal Fail to meet someone for a date without informing them beforehand.

    • ‘she threw eggs over his car after he stood her up’
    • ‘He just happened to take it out on me because I looked like his old high school girlfriend who stood him up at prom.’
    • ‘In another study, people were asked to imagine a scenario where they had been stood up by a friend with whom they had fixed a time to meet, only to discover that the friend had gone partying without them.’
    • ‘He rang my cell phone 6 times on a Saturday morning, two weeks after he stood me up.’
    • ‘I hate the girl who left me waiting for almost an hour before I finally realised she'd stood me up.’
    • ‘I picked up the message whilst I waited at the pharmacy for my prescription and was instantly overcome with a feeling of guilt, as if I had just stood him up.’
    • ‘The ultra-dependable person in your life has morphed into the biggest flake on the planet, canceling plans, showing up late for dates, standing you up.’
    • ‘I think it would have been better for you to stand me up than to show up with five day old stubble.’
    • ‘She was forced to stand him up because of her grandmother's funeral.’
    • ‘I stand him up and don't return his calls to give him a taste of his own medicine.’
    • ‘I can't believe that jerk stood you up like that.’
    fail to keep a date with, fail to meet, fail to keep an appointment with, fail to turn up for, jilt, let down
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